TNT Express takes Transjakarta to Reduce C02 Emission

TNT Express Indonesia and Transjakarta Busway held a two-day eco-driving seminar with the objective of building a social initiative on how to consistently reduce the use of C02 emission.

Photo_2TnTrjkTaking place at Hotel Peninsula, West Jakarta, the seminar features in-class training, held on Friday, December 20, 2013, from 10 in the morning to late afternoon, and practical field exercise the next day.  There were 25 drivers from TNT and 15 from Transjakarta Busway taking part at the seminar.

The main objective of the seminar was to train drivers about the importance of Clean Fleet Management, as all the participants from TNT Express Indonesia and Transjakarta were introduced an easy-to-apply system to operate their vehicles in order to reduce the consumption of C02. The practical training was also focuses on enhancing the drivers’ competencies to drive wisely to save around 5 to 20 percent consumption.

Tomy Sofhian, managing director of TNT Express Indonesia said that the C02 emission has raised serious concern over the commercial transport industry. The concern mainly derives from the correlation between motor vehicle emissions and public health.  “If emissions of greenhouse gases, particularly C02 continue unabated, then we are facing not only the threats of global warming but also the effects of air pollutant concentrations that are likely to harm public health, such as respiratory disease,” he asserted.

Photo_1TntRjktTomy’s assertion is based on the prediction of World Health Organization (WHO) saying that the level of air pollution in Asia potential to kill 800,000 individuals each year. “And Jakarta is facing serious problem. Being the world’s third most polluted city in the world, the Indonesia’s capital city has 103 mg/m3 suspended particular matter, much higher than global recommendation of 50 mg/m3. TNT is aware of the impact of business operation that results from emissions. For that reason, we apply the concept of “Driving Clean” in an effort to achieve “zero emission” target by the year 2020,” he furthermore said.

The concept of “Driving Clean” at TNT Express includes techniques of maintaining its vehicles in accordance with the standard operations of eco-driving.  TNT Express also regularly controls its fuel consumption aiming at reducing 1 percent of C02 from the consumption in the previous year.

Pargaulan Butarbutar, head of Transjakarta Busway, expressed his optimism that the collaboration of Transjakarta Busway and TNT Express could set a benchmark for other commercial transport companies in implementing eco-driving style.

“At this two-day seminar, we want to demonstrate to public that drivers who practice eco-driving can increase the efficiency in fuel consumption; thus, contributing to maintaining clean air, and in turn helping improving public health at large,” Pargaulan explained.

He concluded his statement, “Not only limited to drivers of commercial transports, but it’s also time for all drivers to develop a new driving style. Eco-driving is indeed a smart driving style that adapts a more sustainable technique to reduce the emission of C02.”

Photos by Nicklas Hanoatubun

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