The High Life: Alila Solo’s Agra Rooftop Bar & Lounge

Words: Aulia R. Sungkar

Photos: Bagus Tri Laksono

Originally published in Indonesia Design Magazine, Sept-Oct. 2016 issue

Solo is known for its culinary treats, including the city’s plethora of F&B establishments that are open until the wee hours. Going up to the 29th floor of Alila Solo is Agra Rooftop Bar & Lounge, the highest entertainment venue in Central Java that has attracted a hip crowd since its opening in March. Clad in contemporary design, this Solo’s only rooftop hangout also features bespoke menu served in a panoramic setting.

img_8671-e1473136266717-730x360Small and friendly are two words that describe Solo, a city many people often find very laid-back. This sort of vibe can also be felt in the cosy atmosphere of Agra Rooftop at Alila Solo. The hotel’s world-class welcome is extended all the way to the 29th floor where visitors are taken to a really soothing yet fun ambience.

The interiors inside Agra are inspired by the colours and patterns of tropical plants. The space’s delicate colour combination and accent detail are the outstanding work of architect Budiman Hendropurnomo from Denton Corker Marshall Jakarta. Dubbed as one of the most reputable architects in the country, Budiman has done a great job at combining shades of beige, dark and light browns.

img_8438Agra is spacious, with a capacity of 120 people (65 indoor seats, including a private dining room and a sofa area, and 55 outdoor terrace seats). Yet, the colour choice of light brown for the wood flooring creates a sense of roominess. In essence, the colour of the wood dominates the entire rooftop, while the outdoor space features lighter tones.

The bar and lounge areas are very comfortable, surrounded by glass windows that pamper your eyes with the city’s view, which gets even better as the sun goes down. Walking towards the outdoor space, you won’t miss the connecting private rooms on your left. While one room is equipped with the 12-seater dining table, the other one is more versatile even though it is often used for a private romantic dinner.

Open daily from 5 PM until 1 AM, Agra sees guests in smart attires sashay in to enjoy its tracks that range from R&B to dance and house music. On weekend nights, there are live DJ performances. What also makes Arga stand out is the menu that features eclectic tapas and creative cocktails. Among the signatures are Bombas Barcelona, Vegetable Rice Paper Rolls and Tongseng Tortellini. As for the drinks, try the homemade Solo Sling or 29° (the Local Proof) to soak up the heady heights of the city’s skyline.

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