Rotterdam – Architectural Medley in Europe’s Largest Port

Text: Joshua Paundra People rarely put Rotterdam on the top of their agenda as a place to visit on their journey in the Netherlands. Situated by the river Maas, the third largest city in the Netherlands is also known as the largest port city in Europe. Yet, the city is not always about business. Spend a day or two in Rotterdam and you’ll find out what the city has various things to offer. If you miss city life, the city center offers tempting shops that will bring out the shopaholic s … [Read more...]

Challenges Like No Other at Tanjung Lesung Cross-road Triathlon

Text: Gandi Faisal Tanjung Lesung in Banten Province, was the location for what is claimed to be the first xterra triathlon in the country, named Rhino X-Triathlon. The event was part of the three-day event named Festival Pesona Tanjung Lesung 2017, with other events included Pandeglang 10K held on Friday, September 22; the Mountain-bike Cross-country marathon (MTB XCM) and Sunset Trail Run (STR) cross-country run, held on the following day. There were also Pasar Kolecer folk festival … [Read more...]

10 Best Attractions in Seminyak

By Ollie Sungkar. Published on Surrounded by upscale beachfront hotels and resorts, Seminyak is a world of its own with a fun array of hangouts, delicious range of culinary options, as well as amazing art galleries and world-class shopping venues. Let’s quickly glance through the following places that can make the most of your stay in Seminyak. Seminyak Beach An ideal venue for surfing, Seminyak Beach is the picture-perfect oceanfront featuring gorgeous sunsets. S … [Read more...]

Surakarta culinary finds, a blend of tradition and history

By Ruth Ninajanty. Published in The Jakarta Post, May 7, 2016. Tradition and heritage are two words that describe a visit to Surakarta, a city in Central Java known for its batik. Exploring the richness of the city’s tradition and heritage is not complete without a quest for culinary authenticity. Indeed, many of the local recipes are passed down through generations, preserving authenticity while trying to blend in with the city’s transformation. Nasi liwet, among dishes that come to … [Read more...]

A visit to the floating world

Words & photos: Aulia R. Sungkar Originally was published in JPlus on July 26, 2015. Tracking the natural beauty and unique culture of the Land of the Rising Sun. Known for high-tech innovations that has led to decades of sustainable economic growth, Japan is a unique travel destination. Apart from local delicacies and an astonishing number of modern shopping and entertainment centers, the country features a host of heritage sites that represent the hospitality of the Japanese … [Read more...]

Timothy Charles Parker: Sharpening business focus with pragmatic approach

Text & photo: Aulia R. Sungkar. Originally published in The Jakarta Post. Leading businessman Timothy Charles Parker uses a flexible management style to maintain his solid team in his luggage and travel wear empire. Envisioning a business goal takes a strategy drafted by the right people with clear direction, says Timothy '€œTim'€ Charles Parker, chairman of Samsonite International. '€œFinding the right people that can contribute to building a solid team is always the basic step. B … [Read more...]

Indonesia’s Raja Ampat: A perfect marine wonderland

Ared soldierfish, sheltered in a crevice, is looking bashfully at me with big doll eyes, like a wee escapee from a Japanese anime film. Then silvery trumpet fish with Pinnochio noses shimmy past. I am hovering above a gloriously alive coral reef in my wetsuit, blowing bubbles and loving the sensation of weightlessness again after a hiatus of long years from scuba diving. Raja Ampat, meaning Four Kings, is a quartet of islands (Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Misool) on Indonesia’s far e … [Read more...]

Patrick Roux: Combining delegation and empowerment to reach greater heights

Executive Patrick Roux believes in the power of his team in the pursuit of establishing a stronger presence in Asia Pacific, including Indonesia. Patrick Roux is aware that building a solid team takes more than just strong leadership and clear vision. No less important is the ability to balance the differences within an organization. “Cultural and character differences have the potential to create conflicts within a team. However, if communicated in a right direction, the differences can l … [Read more...]

Restoring coral reefs through art initiative breathes new life into Senggigi Beach

Text by Sudibyo M. Wiradji. Photos by Foued Kaddachi. Published in The Jakarta Post on June 5, 2014.  Underwater installations for an artificial reef park not only attract fish and divers but also benefit locals. Senggigi Beach in Lombok, one of Indonesia’s emerging tourist destinations, is on its way to regaining it lost heyday as a habitat for shrimp, lobster, squid, jelly fish and other unique marine species. The beach lost its appeal years ago due to the destruction of coral as a res … [Read more...]

An art tour shows Vietnamese history in full color

Five years in Ho Chi Minh City, working as a hotel manager in the city once named Saigon, I’ve explored this city’s alleys, its boulevards, its riverfront, its museums, pagodas, temples, churches and palaces. I’ve pieced together a pretty solid picture of Vietnamese history. I know what events followed each other, as well as the crucial names, dates and figures along the way, and even some of the lesser-known details peppering the country’s past. But what I didn’t know much of were the pers … [Read more...]