Prof. Dr. Peter Pscheid: ‘Educational system needs a change’

The abundant natural resources at Indonesia's disposal need better qualified human resources to ensure maximized utilization for the benefit of the nation and its people as a whole. Unfortunately, the rigidity of Indonesia's education system, its infamous rote learning system, has helped little in developing the future generations. Indonesian school-aged children need a proper education and the government should promote the importance of education. It is the right time for Indonesia to … [Read more...]

Jacques Durand: ‘Lipotomy the fastest and safest diet method’

There are a myriad of diet programs available nowadays. Exercise, surgery, acupuncture and diet pills are among the best known methods on offer to those trying to lose weight. Many, looking for quicker results, prefer to use liposuction, a surgical method to remove fat deposits from the body. Nevertheless, few have heard of the term ‘lipotomy.’ The word lipotomy itself is made up of the words ‘lipo’, meaning fat, and ‘tomy’ which means dissolution. In basic terms, lipotomy is a method of diss … [Read more...]

Borhane Sfia: ‘Indonesian, Arab handicrafts have potential in the global market’

During the 7th century of the Islamic civilization, Arab has left rich priceless of heritage and cultural values. The civilization itself has brought a golden age in many aspects of life including literature and handicrafts. On Monday, Indonesia and Tunisia signed a bilateral agreement trade on handicrafts. According to Borhane Sfia, one of the signatories, Indonesian and Arab handicrafts including those from Tunisia, are potential in the global market. Sfia, the president of the Tunisian … [Read more...]

Arief Rachman: ‘Teaching English needs a flexible approach’

Despite the fact that English is the most widely spoken language in the world, there are still many students in need of assistance during the learning process. In Indonesia, there are a large number of English language schools offering various teaching methods. With the myriad methods available, many people are often confused about how to choose which learning approach to suit them best. The Point spoke to Arief Rachman, an education expert and renowned English lecturer at Jakarta State … [Read more...]

Ali Alatas: ‘Indonesia never tolerates nuclear weapon’

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC), namely its six major powers -- the United States, France, Germany, China and Russia – and Indonesia recently voted to impose tougher sanctions against Iran over its uranium enrichment program. The sanctions include banning Iranian arm exports and freezing the assets of both individuals and organizations involved in Iran’s nuclear program. However, Indonesia's support of the new sanctions has sparked much controversy back at home, both in the House of … [Read more...]

Tamrin Amal Tomagola: ‘Conflict is needed in our everyday’s life’

Conflict is a natural disagreement resulting from individuals or groups that differ in attitudes, beliefs, values or needs. It can also originate from past rivalries and personality differences. Generally, conflict has a negative connotation, particularly when relating to the unrest condition in conflict areas like Poso. Tamrin Amal Tomagola, a sociologist who have engaged in many social researches, believes that conflict is a part of everyday's life needs. Having a long meeting with The … [Read more...]

Seto Mulyadi: ‘Children deserve play, not exploitation’

Seto Mulyadi, a psychologist focusing on children development, has consistently stood up for children rights, and now his long-term struggle to end child abuse in Indonesia has drawn public attention. Nominated by UNICEF, Mulyadi was elected to lead the National Commission on Child Protection (Komnas Anak) in October 1998. He was re-elected in 2001, and has been the head of the commission ever since. When interviewed by The Point, Mulyadi, or Kak Seto as colleagues affectionately call … [Read more...]

Faysal Gouia: ‘Globalization should be seen as opportunity’

Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean, the north African country of Tunisia with its age-old blend of Eastern and Western civilization has succeeded in achieving not only a diversified modern refinement but also a paradigm of economic development. The country's success in trade stems back to ancient times, when it was the breadbasket for much of the Roman empire. By the same token, Tunisia has been boosting its international trade since gaining independence from France in 1956. In fact, … [Read more...]