Heading out for townships as alternatives to city living

With the country’s improved economy, Indonesia is experiencing a growing middle class with higher purchasing power parity. Correspondingly, a number of property developers are looking to capitalize on the abundant opportunities with integrated township developments taking shape on the outskirts of larger cities, such as Jakarta and Surabaya. To property developers, an independent city or township is a business venture offering middle and upper class consumers an alternative to city living. F … [Read more...]

‘Heritage hospitality is a potential trendsetter for tourism’

The art deco telefoongebouw, a Dutch telecommunications office in the 1920s, still stands in a prime area of Menteng, Central Jakarta. The building has now been transformed into The Hermitage, a recently opened luxury boutique hotel that blends culture and heritage with five-star amenities. The Jakarta Post’s Aulia R. Sungkar spoke with the hotel’s general manager, Eleonore Astier-Petin, about what makes the hotel stand out from the crowd and the future of heritage hospitality as a tourist dra … [Read more...]

People seek space, comfort in new generation SUVs

As the trend goes, Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are increasingly popular, with higher sales volumes than their swifter-looking counterparts. Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, more popularly known as BMW, reported a surprising finding in its first-quarter profits, the demand for its SUVs played a significant part in boosting its sales by up to 2.6 percent, according to chief financial officer Friedrich Eichiner. Demand jumped by 15 percent for the X1, 11 percent for the X3 and 14 percent for the … [Read more...]

Tried-and-true devices for staying connected

When it comes to staying connected, Indonesia outshines other countries in Southeast Asia. The Indonesia Internet Service Provider Association (APJII) predicts that by the year’s end, around 107 million people in Indonesia will be online, putting the country in 12th spot in the Internet-user global list. More and more people are connecting to the Internet on their mobile devices, according to the Global Web Index Device Summary 2014. “Mobile-only Internet usage is high in many fas … [Read more...]

An art tour shows Vietnamese history in full color

Five years in Ho Chi Minh City, working as a hotel manager in the city once named Saigon, I’ve explored this city’s alleys, its boulevards, its riverfront, its museums, pagodas, temples, churches and palaces. I’ve pieced together a pretty solid picture of Vietnamese history. I know what events followed each other, as well as the crucial names, dates and figures along the way, and even some of the lesser-known details peppering the country’s past. But what I didn’t know much of were the pers … [Read more...]

Achmad Sunuadji Sofwan: Leadership, innovation and transparency

Achmad Sunuadji Sofwan uses his distinctive approach to enhance the quality of his team, resulting in a better understanding of customer needs. With more products and services being brought to the table, the information technology industry is at the forefront of advancing human civilization, according to PT Fujitsu Indonesia president director Achmad Sunuadji Sofwan. Today, laptops and desktop PCs are seen as inseparable parts of our daily routine. Businesses and industries demand not only … [Read more...]

Helen Masters: Direct leadership builds competitive team

Helen Masters is climbing the corporate ladder in a highly male dominated sector. The IT industry is often seen as not being a female-friendly environment, but Helen Masters has proved otherwise. Having spent most of her career life working at various IT firms, she has witnessed the fact that women are still under represented at the executive level in the IT industry. However, as women are becoming more aware of the opportunities the world’s fast-paced IT environment can offer, the s … [Read more...]

Tigor M. Siahaan: Fostering innovation through open communication

Tigor M. Siahaan promotes his open leadership style to produce stronger human resources leading to greater innovation. It is important for a business leader to be able to listen attentively, as it can help to frame issues, according to Tigor M. Siahaan, chief country officer for Citi Indonesia. The first Indonesian to serve as a Citi country head in Indonesia, Tigor includes listening as a key element of his open communication style; especially in his current position, where he manages … [Read more...]

Yolanda Novianto: Optimism and confidence crucial to grow a business

Businesswoman Yolanda Novianto believes in the power of a positive attitude. Optimism can lead to a strong determination to move forward but, without confidence, it would be hard for a business to win over the market, according to Yolanda Novianto, partner and business owner of Alleira Group. The name Alleira is synonymous with batik. However, in addition to carrying Alleira as a premium batik fashion retail brand, the group has two other divisions: May & June, for women’s maxi d … [Read more...]

Todd Lauchlan: Creating egalitarian workplace to localize global approach

Top leaders of multinational companies operating in Indonesia incorporate local values into their global business perspectives, which also encompass such aspects as fair treatment and respect that minimize corporate hierarchies. A business executive of a property consulting firm believes that developing an egalitarian model on the basis of local values in a company can minimize oppression and openly lead everyone in the company to contribute their best. “No one is better than anybody else. … [Read more...]