Pursuing an education in Singapore

Singapore, known as a shopping hub and tourist destination, has long seen the emergence of world-class universities, providing alternative quality education for Indonesians pursuing study overseas. Besides using English as its first language, with increasing globalization, Singapore has become more of a melting pot. Ethnic Chinese, who make up the majority of the population, Malays, Indians and Eurasians live together harmoniously. Not to mention a large number of expatriates from all over … [Read more...]

Seeking Out International Values at A Young Age

As early years education is a crucial stage to determine the child’s future success intellectually and emotionally, demand for preschool and kindergarten are on the rise. As a result, a variety of preschools offering a range of curricula and approaches have appeared, leaving many parents more choices to select which learning method is best suited to their children. In meeting the high standards of education, the values of international education have become the fundamental in raising the c … [Read more...]

Preschool: Springboard to Success

Despite the long educational process which every child needs to go through, the fundamentals of early human development rely on early childhood programs. It is understood, therefore, that it is every parent's dream to have their children take advantage of the best educational opportunities available. The growth of international preschools and kindergartens in Indonesia has paved the way for better educational awareness among parents. As more schools are outdoing each other with their splendid … [Read more...]

Seeing bigger picture through CSR programs

Being a good corporate citizen means a company is committed to address not only the needs and expectations of its employees and shareholders, but also those of the society. Staying true to this understanding, PT HM Sampoerna’ corporate social responsibility programs are built on the company’s own “Three Hands Philosophy,” which balances the expectations of its consumers & business partners, employees as well as the society at large. In light with the philosophy, PT HM Sampoerna is seeking … [Read more...]

Role of phonics in teaching children to read

In the area of English language programs for children, phonics is becoming established as a basic concept to teach kids to read. A number of schools using international curriculum have adopted phonics as the fundamental approach to teaching children to read. Nevertheless, how effective is phonics as a method to teach children to read?Phonics is a method of teaching beginners to read and pronounce words properly by learning the phonetic value of letters, letter groups and syllables. Phonics … [Read more...]

Can Your Child Read in English?

Many parents think that their children have possessed the adequate reading skills after spending a number of years attending international curriculum schools, particularly those that started in elementary school. How are the reading skills of their children? Despite the fact that there are international and national plus schools here using English as the language instruction, many students continue to struggle in terms of reading comprehension. Reading is not an automatic skill. It is … [Read more...]