How Smart is Your Baby?

BOOK REVIEW Develop and Nurture Your Newborn’s Full Potential By Glenn Doman and Janet Doman The book takes parents to gradually progress toward achieving their babies’ full potential. The authors provide the necessary information that guides parents on how to develop the newborn with physical, verbal and cognitive stimulation from first days after birth. Every chapter comprises step-by-step guidance on creating a home environment potential to enhance your baby’s brain development. Th … [Read more...]

The Perfect Match

Every parent wants the best for their children. The problem for working parents nowadays is finding the most suitable day care, not only for the children but also for the parents’ needs. When you are set to trust a couple hours in your child’s day to a third party, you are entitled to be extra careful. Research shows that early childhood experiences, especially during the first five years, will affect the brain’s organizational development and functioning, including social and emotional skill … [Read more...]

Holiday Havens

Taking you to a fun choice of destinations from across the world, with all the fun and excitement for kids and family to lap up. Spending quality time with kids is without doubt of great importance for parents, and going on vacation is one way to enhance the familial encounters potential to create a stronger family bonding. So, get yourself geared up for a memorable holiday season with your beloved family in some of the world’s exquisite holiday destinations, which offer unmatchable e … [Read more...]

Taking Pride in Indonesian Children

Witnessing her nine grandchildren grow up, Mufidah Jusuf Kalla enthuses to Aulia R. Sungkar that the children of Indonesia are in great potential to participate in today’s globalization era. With a humble voice and friendly smile, the wife of the tenth Indonesia’s Vice President Jusuf Kalla welcomes Indonesia Tatler Bambini at her residence in Central Jakarta prime area. While introducing her nine grandchildren, Mufidah says that being around with them is an incomparable source of hap … [Read more...]

Inculcating A Future

For the eight-year-old Ratu M. Sumampow, the word ‘unattainable’ is not in her dictionary. She shares with Aulia R. Sungkar about her perception of learning. While showing her cozy room, Ratu M. Sumampow excitingly pinpoints her collection of dolls. However, there is only one that she likes the most. It’s ‘Meow.’ is a female cat doll and has been with her since Ratu was six months old, she recalls saying that, “I always take ‘Meow’ whenever I go even when going abroad. I want to have a … [Read more...]

Vision of An Avid Reader

Implanted a love of reading since childhood, Hanifa Panigoro tells Aulia R. Sungkar her aspiration to become a comic writer. Hanifa Panigoro looks shy in a flash. But it was just a matter of minutes after having a chat with her, the youngest child of Hilmi and Deti Panigoro is in fact an outgoing girl. Known by her friends by the nickname ‘Ifa,’ the rather tomboy wearing orange Lacoste shirt and Guess jeans enthusiastically shows her collection of books, magazines and comics. “Reading is on … [Read more...]