New Glenfiddich to mark 125 years

Famous for its single malt Scotch whisky, Glenfiddich unveils the Glenfiddich Anniversary Vintage, an exclusive 25-year old expression with only 286 bottles to be released. Distilled on Christmas Day 1987, as part of the single malt’s centenary celebrations, this special release marks 125 years of pioneering whisky making at The Glenfiddich Distillery. It was selected on Christmas Day 2012, the distillery’s 125th anniversary, by its founder William Grant’s great-great grandson, Peter Gordon an … [Read more...]

The Exquisite L’Or

The ultimate expression of the oldest cognac house is the sumptuous craftsmanship from the quintessence of three-hundred-year quest. L’Or de Jean Martell (literally means “the gold of Jean Martell in French) is a blend of a plethora of eau-de-vie (waters of life) from Borderies, the smallest growing region in Cognac. The blend has notes of fruited candy, sweet spices and gingerbread. Some of the ingredients in the making process have aged over a century. These hidden treasures con … [Read more...]