A Versatile and Functional Home

Story by Aulia R. Sungkar; Photos by Bagus Tri Laksono Originally published in June-July 2018 edition of Indonesia Design On one sunny day, Indonesia Design paid a visit to the residence of Ambassador Tan Hung Seng, Singapore Permanent Representative to ASEAN. The two-storey modern Art Deco inspired architecture has the comfort of its own, especially in its usable spaces and many corners where the ambassador and his spouse, Kayo Suzuki Tan, display their collections of artworks from various … [Read more...]

The charms of Changi

Singapore’s award-winning airport is equipped with an impressive array of facilities that make it worth the trip. Upon disembarking at Singapore’s Changi International Airport, passengers will find a generous number of shopping, dining and entertainment options. Not to mention the airport’s spa facilities and plentiful napping areas, which afford passengers the opportunity to relax and unwind, especially after a long flight. And for a more comfortable stay, just head to the Ambassador Trans … [Read more...]

Destiny in Bloom

Just about to reach her career destiny in a new place, Tiara Budiprawiro-Goh decided to call it off as she found a truly better place with Markham Shaw (or Mark) on her side. After one year of tying the knot, the couple remain of living their destiny with their hearts beating as one in perfect harmony. Tiara Budiprawiro-Goh and Mark Shaw look into each other’s eyes as they just returned from celebrating their first anniversary in Bali. The writer met the couple at a five-star hotel in J … [Read more...]

Property Haven

Singapore remains the favorite haven for wealthy Indonesians seeking to invest in high-end property.    Thomas Tan, director for residential marketing at Raffles Quay Asset Management, says that Indonesia continues to show its stronger demand for the purchase of high-rise residences in Singapore. He adds that around 30 percent of the foreign buyers who have purchased the new 221 units of the 66-storey Marina Bay Suites are Indonesians. About 70 percent of the units have been sold to f … [Read more...]

New Downtown

Singapore is building the newly Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC), which is sophisticatedly designed not only as one of the global hubs of international business and commerce, but also to make the island city-state become a more happening place to live, work and play.     Sitting on a 360-hectare waterfront site at Marina Bay in the southern tip of Singapore, MBFC offers a breathtaking blend of three office towers that account for a combined 3 million square feet of prime Grade A office spac … [Read more...]

High Appraisal

Southeast Asia’s strongest economy, Singapore has been gaining ground for its architectural masterpieces that have won the hearts of worldwide citizens seeking a safe haven for property investment. And we had the opportunity to be among the first to preview two of the most prestigious high-rise residences in the city-state island.    “More than 55 percent of those who have purchased properties in Singapore are foreigners, 60 percent of whom are Indonesians,” according to Len Siew Lian, general … [Read more...]

The Early Times of A Tiger Economy

Dubbed one of Asia’s economic tigers, Singapore has gained popularity as a destination for indulgent shopping, eating and partying, but also as a country with world-class health care facilities and an international-standard education system. Indeed, the history of Singapore can be traced back to the beginning of the world’s globalized economy. By the 19th century, the British were developing a trading empire and had their sights set on Southeast Asia. It was Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles who … [Read more...]

Red Carpet Medical: Where Top-Notch Healthcare and Lifestyle Combine

PRESS RELEASE The success story of Singapore’s long achievements in the medical industry has paved the way for numerous accolades and recognition as a world-class healthcare hub. Singaporean citizens and international patients have therefore enjoyed the high-quality of health services the country has to offer. Today, Singapore has emerged even further as a top-notch medical center in Asia Pacific owing to not only the country’s high-quality medical services, but no less important, more res … [Read more...]

Wine for Asia 2011: Lucrative & Palatable

World’s wine industry is counting Asia with the phenomenal increase in wine consumption that has built lucrative markets in the region. With the world supply of premium wine outstripping demand, and the custom of wine drinking is rapidly gaining ground in Asian countries, many wine exporters are eyeing to establish new markets in Asia. In Indonesia, the trend has the tendency to increase with more and more people discovering the pleasure of drinking wine. To give the world a better u … [Read more...]

S’pore & M’sia, promising study destinations

It is not just the English language that has gone international, but the field of higher education along with it. Correspondingly, many universities abroad have a huge attraction for those looking to further their education. Nevertheless, studying abroad is not cheap, especially at universities in the U.S. and Britain. But they are not the only destinations. With the increasing globalization era that has opened the world of education wider, countries in Southeast Asian like Singapore and … [Read more...]