Effective study time at home

By Ruth Ninajanty. Originally published in The Jakarta Post's Education Tabloid, October 2017. After spending most of her day at school, fifth grader Yosefin is definitely tired when she arrives home. She leaves home at 6:30 a.m. and returns at 5 p.m. This year, her mother Hidiawati decided against enrolling her in any extracurricular activities so she can return home earlier and have more time to study. “I always try to be flexible when it comes to study time at home. I leave it up to … [Read more...]

Learning English at an early age

As an international language, English plays a significant role in education. Many parents want their children to start learning the language at an early age. Many institutions offer English courses with various teaching methods, but parents need to be careful in choosing a method that best suits the needs of their children. Most very young children do not have a desire to study. However, they are able to absorb knowledge from the environment, learning expeditiously. In their first five years, … [Read more...]

Preschool: A fundamental for future success

Children from birth to six years display distinct characteristics of social, emotional and intellectual crucial to the fundamentals of early human development. 
On that basis, children at these ages should be given a proper education that can prepare them for the real world. 
As parents are becoming more aware of the importance of early age education, a number of preschools in Jakarta are providing unique learning approaches. High/Scope Institute Indonesia, for instance, has since its est … [Read more...]

JAKARTA MONTESSORI SCHOOL: ‘We Nurture Children A Love of Learning’

In meeting the high standards of education, the values of international schooling have become the fundamental in raising the children. As a consequence thereof, there are now many international schools using English as the language of instruction, ranging from early childhood to primary level, offering a variety of curricula. In spite of the different approach each of these schools has to offer, Jakarta Montessori School (JMS) has since its establishment in 1986 come up with a unique system … [Read more...]

Building the bedrock of international value

The growing number of international curriculum schools is allowing parents to choose an alternative kind of education, which has the potential to inculcate in their children international values that encourage the children to be innovative, creative and independent. With education being an essential tool to discover a child's learning potential, coupled with the aim of preparing the child for the globalization era, demand for international education is on the rise. It goes without saying … [Read more...]

Preschool: Springboard to Success

Despite the long educational process which every child needs to go through, the fundamentals of early human development rely on early childhood programs. It is understood, therefore, that it is every parent's dream to have their children take advantage of the best educational opportunities available. The growth of international preschools and kindergartens in Indonesia has paved the way for better educational awareness among parents. As more schools are outdoing each other with their splendid … [Read more...]