Hearts of Romance

Behind his romantic lyrics is a beautiful life that David Foster told PMR he found after meeting Yolanda Hadid, the former Dutch model whom he married on the auspicious day of 11.11.11. At 11:11 p.m. precisely, David and Yolanda cut their five-foot pearl wedding cake wrapped with music notes. Attended by dozens of celebrity guests, the private wedding party was held at an estate of media mogul Haim and Cheryl Saban in Beverly Hills, California. A wonderful rendition of “All You Need is L … [Read more...]

Destiny in Bloom

Just about to reach her career destiny in a new place, Tiara Budiprawiro-Goh decided to call it off as she found a truly better place with Markham Shaw (or Mark) on her side. After one year of tying the knot, the couple remain of living their destiny with their hearts beating as one in perfect harmony. Tiara Budiprawiro-Goh and Mark Shaw look into each other’s eyes as they just returned from celebrating their first anniversary in Bali. The writer met the couple at a five-star hotel in J … [Read more...]

Renaissance Revisited

Influenced from many aspects of life, from art and politics to science and religion, artists from renaissance era did not just throw their imaginary talent onto canvas but a convincing appearance of reality. The word “renaissance” is identical with the cultural movement spanned roughly from the14th to 17th century beginning in Florence in the late Middle Ages and later spread to the rest of Europe. It is derived from a French word, literally means revival or rebirth after the everlasting war a … [Read more...]

The Exquisite L’Or

The ultimate expression of the oldest cognac house is the sumptuous craftsmanship from the quintessence of three-hundred-year quest. L’Or de Jean Martell (literally means “the gold of Jean Martell in French) is a blend of a plethora of eau-de-vie (waters of life) from Borderies, the smallest growing region in Cognac. The blend has notes of fruited candy, sweet spices and gingerbread. Some of the ingredients in the making process have aged over a century. These hidden treasures con … [Read more...]

Going Global

With passionate talent and outstanding skills, Indonesian artists have produced masterpieces potential to bring the Indonesian art into a glorious period at the international level. Auction houses such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s have been witnessing the escalating prices of Indonesian contemporary artworks, which are far higher than the initial estimate. Renowned artists such as I Nyoman Masriadi, Rudi Mantofani and Agus Suwage are among those whose masterpieces have fetched hundreds of tho … [Read more...]

Luna Negra

This Jakarta’s new international semi-fine dining resto takes its guests to a classy ambience that marries New York style bar with authentic Italian dining venue. Before the dining area, you will be walked through a cozy bar and lounge that lists a rich selection of quality wines and cocktails. The restaurant’s geometric tiles, round metal lamps and exposed brick walls make up the great culinary setting of Luna Negra, which has drawn various crowds of crème de la crème. Luna Negra’s menu in … [Read more...]


The floor-to-ceiling gigantic bookshelf displays thousands of old tomes in many different languages at Bibliothèque. Literally means “library” in French, Bibliothèque is a semi formal club and lounge designed as a two-story antique library that covers the whole back wall of the bar. With rustic candlesticks, the grandfather’s clocks, grand piano and cosy lighting, you will be taken to the old European accents with the touch of modern nuance, making Bibliothèque a unique entertainment spot in … [Read more...]

Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé: Within the Realm of the Most Exquisite Convertible

There are only a handful of choices come to your mind when thinking of luxury cars, and ultimately most people will easily recall the name of Rolls-Royce. Unquestionably the name is always associated with incognitos of luxury, elegance and snob. Among the innovative creations of a British automobile giant is the $1.8 million Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé, a lavishly stunning grandeur four-wheel that took American Cup J-class yachts of the 1930s as the inspiration. It is so amazing to … [Read more...]

Versace: A Fashion Plate

The Versace autumn/winter latest collection has come out with its cutting-edge fashion lifestyle with the spirit of masculine energy, balance and contrast blends. One of the world’s leading fashion designer houses shows play of balance and contrast in a modern silhouette of voluminous cropped coats, mid-calf skirts, pencil-thin trousers and short dresses with billowing pleats that kept under control with graphic bands which wrap around the body. In addition, the Italian prestige of Versace … [Read more...]

Roberto Cavalli: Sensuality Seasons

Roberto Cavalli presents his sensuality debut in his fall-winter collections this year. Inspired by the sensually adulterated beauty of young Liz Taylor, the feminine intense force of Natalie Wood in West Side Story and Splendour in The Grass, the exotic influence of Latin romance, Cavalli’s gratification in his new winter fashionista is unquestionably a breakthrough for those ladies who adore sensuality as a hidden sexiness. “I believe that overt sexiness is finished. There’s more harmony and … [Read more...]