Tommy Singgih: Leading with Vision

Along with the rapid growth of technology, people demand more convenient way of how they conduct transactions. “And the world is in the making of cashless societies, everywhere including Indonesia,” says Tommy Singgih, director of Mastercard Indonesia. Over an afternoon chat in his office in South Jakarta’s elite area, Tommy says that what sets the increasing trend of digital payments is their convenience especially when compared to traditional payment method. “You just need to tap your car … [Read more...]

Vadyo Munaan: Mastering Global Payments

As credit card has become an indispensable part of urban life, Vadyo Munaan expresses his delight to see more innovative and secure credit card products. Indeed, a credit card has more to offer than just plastic money. It has become a supportive tool in today’s life of comfort, from great discounts offered by restaurants to automated billing program that enables cardholders to avoid standing in long lines to pay utility bills. “And when you need emergency cash, a credit card’s cash advance … [Read more...]