Neeltje Sutandjati: Managing teachers for a better future

By Ruth Ninajanty. Published in The Jakarta Post. Childhood educator Neeltje Sutandjati puts emphasis on teacher development to improve her schools. Early childhood education is more than just teaching young children about words and numbers but also introducing them to every aspect of life. When School Director Neeltje Sutandjati started iSmile in 2007, she wanted the school to make a difference for society and the nation. '€œSetting up a school should be founded foremost on a passion … [Read more...]

Hans Leo: People are key to company’s growth

By Sudibyo M. Wiradji. Published in The Jakarta Post. Logistics company executive Hans Leo believes in the power of people engagement in growing a logistics company. Hans Leo believes that a one-man show was not an appropriate managerial style, especially when operating a large company with an expanded network, given that a CEO had limitations in terms of expertise and time. The president director and CEO of Linc Group disclosed that engaging more people with their respective expertise … [Read more...]

Redmer Schukken: Informality stimulates creativity and innovation

By Sudibyo M. Wiradji. Published in The Jakarta Post. Redmer Schukken, CEO of Ice House, adopts participatory management in a fun and informal working environment. An office on the third floor of a building in Jakarta has an open-air space where people can view some of the city'€™s skyscrapers and also the traffic flow below. On certain days, people gather there to take a break from spending hours facing their respective laptop screens. '€œThis evening we are having a barbecue par … [Read more...]

Ng Chee Soon: Painting a clear picture

By Prasiddha Gustanto. Originally published in The Jakarta Post, Dec. 6, 2014. Sennheiser Asia president and managing director Ng Chee Soon is a strong believer in the values that passion can bring to leading a company, especially one as deeply involved in emotion-driven industries as Sennheiser. Every CEO of a company expects his or her employees to perform their best. How they approach their employees differs from one CEO to another, with regard to the line of business they are engaged … [Read more...]

Achmad Sunuadji Sofwan: Leadership, innovation and transparency

Achmad Sunuadji Sofwan uses his distinctive approach to enhance the quality of his team, resulting in a better understanding of customer needs. With more products and services being brought to the table, the information technology industry is at the forefront of advancing human civilization, according to PT Fujitsu Indonesia president director Achmad Sunuadji Sofwan. Today, laptops and desktop PCs are seen as inseparable parts of our daily routine. Businesses and industries demand not only … [Read more...]

Helen Masters: Direct leadership builds competitive team

Helen Masters is climbing the corporate ladder in a highly male dominated sector. The IT industry is often seen as not being a female-friendly environment, but Helen Masters has proved otherwise. Having spent most of her career life working at various IT firms, she has witnessed the fact that women are still under represented at the executive level in the IT industry. However, as women are becoming more aware of the opportunities the world’s fast-paced IT environment can offer, the s … [Read more...]

Ivada L. Santoso: It’s who you know: Understanding your network and what they need

The CEO of Prakarsa Semesta Alam and marketing director of Sekar Artha Sentosa, both apartment projects, puts that success down to understanding her network and the market. Marketing and networking are two inseparable sources in selling high-value products, especially property,” Ivada said of reaching out to prospective customers and investors. “If you do it right, you can educate them to become buyers and investors.” Educating consumers and investors means informing them that the produ … [Read more...]

Carl Steven Gustini: The value of understanding culture and people in management

Carl Steven Gustini knows the value of being stationed in several different countries, as he has gained an enhanced perspective on culture and people that helps him deal with managerial issues. The 49-year-old business executive held a strategic position when he worked with an insurance firm in the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam prior to starting work in Indonesia two years ago. “Living in Jakarta is as equally fantastic as living in several other Asian countries where I used to work, b … [Read more...]

Yuan Bin: Minimizing cultural differences with good communication skills

In the corporate world, especially in a multinational company, cultural differences in communication often come to the fore. Bank ICBC Indonesia president director Yuan Bin is well aware of the likelihood of such a situation; the bank, a subsidiary of ICBC Limited, one of the largest commercial banks in China and the world, employs mostly Indonesian and Chinese staff. The Chinese national considers implementing effective communication the crucial means to bridge cultural differences, and … [Read more...]

Hendro Gondokusumo: Solid teamwork builds strong human resources in good and bad times

Text & photos: Aulia R. Sungkar. Published in The Jakarta Post, March 9, 2013. Hendro Gondokusumo admits he faced his fair share of setbacks before the company he founded, Intiland Development, emerged as one of the leading property developers in the country. The firm began brightly in the 1970s with construction of housing compound projects Cilandak Garden Housing in South Jakarta and Darmo Satellite Town in Surabaya. These ushered in even more ambitious undertakings, including I … [Read more...]