Challenges Like No Other at Tanjung Lesung Cross-road Triathlon

Text: Gandi Faisal Tanjung Lesung in Banten Province, was the location for what is claimed to be the first xterra triathlon in the country, named Rhino X-Triathlon. The event was part of the three-day event named Festival Pesona Tanjung Lesung 2017, with other events included Pandeglang 10K held on Friday, September 22; the Mountain-bike Cross-country marathon (MTB XCM) and Sunset Trail Run (STR) cross-country run, held on the following day. There were also Pasar Kolecer folk festival … [Read more...]

The Royal Twinings

The tenth generation of the British tea giant talks about the legacy of his family business that has contributed to the tea drinking as a culture of the British royal family.  “It was in 1837 when the British royal family granted a Royal Warrant of Appointment to Twinings, and we have ever since continued inventing various types of tea blending. Despite the different blends, all of our teas are created to fit the taste of the queen,” Stephen Twining says adding, “Royal Warrant of Appointment i … [Read more...]

W Retreat & Spa Bali

neighbourhood Petitenget is the name of the fab lane where designers, artists and socialites, not to mention jetsetters, are often spotted rubbing shoulders in this neck of the woods. It's an eclectic neighbourhood whose establishments form a microcosm of hip Bali – Mantra with its rustic charm, Biku with its modern translation of traditional Balinese, and Potato Head Beach Club with its reputation as the island's concert Mecca. In that context, the existence of W brand in the area only cements … [Read more...]


Have you drunk wine today? This is one simple question that has piqued my curiosity of late. I have been in Bali for quite some time and enjoyed many of the decadent delights on offer. Wine comes every so often, though not on a daily basis, and I take it for granted sometimes. Yet I can’t help but wonder, will the habit of drinking wine daily on a tropical island like Bali become the norm in society? The corresponding answer/question is: why not? There is among a few people the issue of p … [Read more...]


Indonesia can – and should – host more seafaring guests, and the annual Indonesian Yacht Show is putting the archipelago on the luxury map. It’s a logical connection to make – with over 17,000 islands in our vast archipelago, Indonesian waters ought to be swarming with yachts from the four corners of the world. But data from the Riau islands’ department of tourism – the province shares a border with yacht haven Singapore – shows that although there are an estimated 50,000 yachts sailing in the … [Read more...]

Absolute Luxury

Riding on the Asia’s favorable economic growth and improved investment climate, luxury global airport retailer DFS Group is expanding its operations in the region with more innovative business concept.   The fast growing population of millionaires in Asia has become the engine that drives more avid consumers of premium brands in the luxury goods industry. Propelled by the region’s sound economy, this prosperous condition has resulted in retailers outdoing each other in an effort to create t … [Read more...]

Golf House: The Ultimate Style in Golfing

Golf is more than just a sport. It has long become a lifestyle even though the culture of golf is as appealing as the sport itself. From the style, the fun and the pace, golf is surely worth a great attraction. Whether it is at a driving range for intensive swing work or at a golf course to complete full 18 holes, golf is also considered the most popular means of socializing and networking. So, it is important that you be fully aware of the etiquette and regulations, including the right … [Read more...]

Lord of Luxury

Property Mogul Lord Alain Levenfiche’s quest on the road to success has accorded him the redefinition of the essence of luxury. With more than two decades of property under his belt, Alain now owns an impressive portfolio of properties across the globe, including the exotic Ko Po Island in Thailand, an exclusive 875-acre polo ranch and upscale apartment in Argentina, as well as his current development of more than 100 vineyards located on 2,043-acre land in Mendoza province, also in A … [Read more...]