Todd Lauchlan: Creating egalitarian workplace to localize global approach

Top leaders of multinational companies operating in Indonesia incorporate local values into their global business perspectives, which also encompass such aspects as fair treatment and respect that minimize corporate hierarchies. A business executive of a property consulting firm believes that developing an egalitarian model on the basis of local values in a company can minimize oppression and openly lead everyone in the company to contribute their best. “No one is better than anybody else. … [Read more...]

The world’s most expensive office areas

Jones Lang LaSalle research reveals the world’s most expensive markets for office space, what industries dominate them and where the future lies  Strong demand from niche financial and technology sectors is driving up the cost of office space in many cities around the globe, but a new analysis by Jones Lang LaSalle (NYSE: JLL) reveals the 12 premier office districts have been the biggest beneficiaries of the trend, witnessing higher competition by companies for space and driving rent prices to … [Read more...]

Property market outlook still buoyant despite currency volatility

Indonesia’s recent economic turmoil has led many short-term investors to exit the country, causing the equity market to fall rapidly and the rupiah to weaken to over 11,500 per US dollar. This change of sentiment was triggered by the US Federal Reserve signaling to the market that it would withdraw its large monetary stimulus and begin “tapering”. Both markets have now recovered somewhat but the spotlight has been shone on emerging economies like Indonesia with current account deficits and overh … [Read more...]