Kurashiki – Japan’s laid back town

Words & photos: Ollie Sungkar A small town where you see Japan through the lens of history, nature and culture. On our recent Japan road trip, we had a chance to visit Kurashiki, a historic city in western Okayama Prefecture that breathes a laid-back atmosphere. You can easily reach there by taking Shinkansen (a bullet train) – 3 hours from Tokyo, 45 minutes from Osaka. But we came from the other side of country where we enjoyed the beautiful panorama along the 150-kilometer b … [Read more...]

A visit to the floating world

Words & photos: Aulia R. Sungkar Originally was published in JPlus on July 26, 2015. Tracking the natural beauty and unique culture of the Land of the Rising Sun. Known for high-tech innovations that has led to decades of sustainable economic growth, Japan is a unique travel destination. Apart from local delicacies and an astonishing number of modern shopping and entertainment centers, the country features a host of heritage sites that represent the hospitality of the Japanese … [Read more...]

Green Tokyo

Exploring sustainable city living The world’s largest metro area and most populous city, Tokyo offers a unique destination. Apart from its excellent eateries, fun entertainment centers, fabulous shopping venues and other related cosmopolitan excitements, the concrete jungle of Tokyo is also a garden city. Despite blending into the rhythm of the city’s busy scene, Tokyo residents are accustomed to creating gardens in small public spaces outside apartment buildings, shops and houses. The cit … [Read more...]