Visual Story Teller

Despite her young age, the model-cum-photographer is climbing higher with her artworks that communicate the timeless beauty of her luscious style. In the realm of fashion photography, Nicoline Patricia Malina is one of the very few born to create distinctive photographic artworks. With an artsy flair, she infuses raw and cinematic black and white into her unique aesthetic of photography that features rich colours and impeccable sense of details. Still 27, but the Surabaya born … [Read more...]

Going Global

Managing director of Jakarta based international auction house enthuses JJK that Indonesian art is set to reach greater heights at the international level.   Everyone has his or her own view when expressing the meaning of art. For an avid art collector like Deborah Iskandar, art is more than just the design of objects and artefacts. “To me, art is an appreciation of the sophistication and delicacy of the striking elements of artistic forms such as painting and sculpture that you can enjoy a … [Read more...]

A New Beginning

The former editor-in-chief of the now defunct Playboy Indonesia talks about his new life, as well as the books and film he penned during his incarceration.  A chat with Erwin Arnada at a Kemang’s hangout was an enthralling experience, to say the least.  Erwin has a laidback and outgoing personality and seems to be very tolerable person in his appraisal of the cultural differences that exist around the world. Ironically, his open-minded approach to life also managed to land him in priso … [Read more...]

Best Food Forward

Dreaming the impossible dream, Prof Dr Winarno never stops in his mission to introduce the magic of Indonesian cuisine to the world You have to keep dreaming. With prayer and courage, you can eventually realise your dreams,” Prof Dr Winarno, the former rector of Atma Jaya Catholic University, explains. In a voice that oozes both sophistication and humility, Winarno shows us a page from his biography (penned by JB Soedarmanta) which quotes part of the lyrics to “The Impossible Dream”, a popul … [Read more...]

Gareth Evans: Fist of Success

Welsh film director Gareth Huw Evans has brought the Indonesian martial art of pencak silat to international audience  Through his avuncular smile, Gareth told JJK that he always wanted to work in the film industry. His 2006 self-penned feature “Footsteps”, premiered at the Swansea Bay Film Festival and was awarded “Best Feature Film”.  The flick proved to be the key to unlocking a wider door of opportunity for Gareth in the film industry. But Gareth in the end had his second thought. The f … [Read more...]

Speed Queen

With over a decade of car racing experience under her belt, Allida Alexandra Nurlutfia, popularly known as Alexandra Asmasoebrata (or Andra) is continuing to notch up more victories in a highly male-dominated sport If men only were allowed to compete on the world’s fastest racing circuits, then Andra would surely be raising her voice in protest. Even though she never dreamt of putting pedal to the metal during her childhood, the youngest child of former Indonesian racer Alex Asmasoebrata s … [Read more...]