Jakarta Welcomes New Art Hotel Concept

Artotel Indonesia hotel chain unveils its second property in Jakarta following the success of the first Artotel in Surabaya. Strategically located in close proximity to commercial and business districts, Artotel Jakarta Thamrin on Jalan Sunda has recently opened its doors to public. Playing on the words “Art” and “Hotel”, Artotel features contemporary art-influenced designs in the lobby, public areas and hotel rooms. The designs are created by local artists as part of the hotel’s efforts to … [Read more...]

The Stairs

Renowned designer Philippe Starck’s first fully envisioned concept in Asia showcases a private village of 12 limited-edition villas with signature glass skin facades by artists JonOne. Passionate global nomads with taste and assets will soon have a new landmark address to congregate in a communal space in the South Seas.  Introducing The Stairs Villa Hotel, envisioned by Philippe Starck, set for the exclusive Petitenget neighborhood of Seminyak, Bali. Taking direction from the vision of vib … [Read more...]

Timeless Elegance

Uncovering neoclassicism in the realm of modern architecture Dominant in Europe during the period of mid 1700s – mid1800s, neoclassic architecture has long been known as the rebirth of the classical architecture of Greco-Roman forms, which used in various types of buildings such as churches, houses, temples, terraces, monuments and interior designs. With the prefix ‘neo’ literally referring to ‘new’, buildings discovered in the ancient roman cities of Pompeii in the 1730s and Herculaneum in … [Read more...]

Customizing? Make a Plan!

Embarking on a renovation in pursuit of having an ideal home or office requires careful consideration of how the whole process, from planning to rebuilding. During the planning stage, it is important to understand the correlation between space and interior design. Regardless of the amount of space in a home or office, interior design has the ability to create a comfortable living and working environment. There are many ideas that can be translated into interior design practice when taking … [Read more...]

Comfort Can Still Mean Style

Getting the right furniture and decorating a home can be daunting tasks, especially when shopping and trying to figure out whether the selected pieces will fit the space allocated for them. Indeed, space often becomes a challenge, especially for those living in a small house or an apartment. Cosmas Gozali, founder and director of Arya Cipta Graha, an architecture firm that provides conceptual design services, admitted that sufficient space was required to put the necessary furniture. … [Read more...]

Stephen Pimbley: Creating Landmarks in Asia

Under the helm of Stephen Pimbley, an award-winning international architectural consultancy SPARCH has over the last 10 years delivered a diverse range of landmark projects from its studios in Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Malaysia, Shanghai and Singapore. During his short visit to Jakarta, Pimbley shared with Indonesia Design contributor Aulia R. Sungkar his design philosophy and architecture concept as well as his projects that have gained worldwide recognition across Asia. You have successfully … [Read more...]

Where Drawing Do The Talking

Believing in the power of drawing, the architect and interior designer veteran Thomas Elliott has translated a myriad of ideas into innovative interior design practice. Aulia R. Sungkar writes. Met by Registry at his state-of-the-art office in Kemang, South Jakarta, the CEO of PT PAI smiles benignly, “Just call me Tom.” Recalling his childhood, he says he always wanted to be an architect since he was a kid. Tom’s dream eventually reached fruition. Holding a California architect license, Tom … [Read more...]