Safe travel means holding a travel insurance policy

By Sudibyo M. Wiradji. Originally published in The Jakarta Post on October 18, 2017 Aditya (not his real name) had prepared everything for a two week holiday to Europe, expect for travel insurance. The 39-year-old manager of a private company had traveled overseas several times but had sneezed at the idea of needing insurance as he left everything to Yang di atas, another way of saying to God. But this time around he felt a bit unwell as he had a cough, followed sometimes by s … [Read more...]

Insurance industry challenging yet promising

By Aulia R. Sungkar. Originally published in The Jakarta Post on October 18, 2017 Teddy was very skeptical about having an insurance policy. It wasn’t about the money, as he successfully turned his export business into a profitable venture. “But just like many other Indonesians, we still faced a steep learning curve in dealing with insurance products,” Lani, Teddy’s wife, recalled. That was in the late 1990s, during the heyday of his business. Later, in the early 2000s,  the business … [Read more...]

Tokio Marine Ajak Anak-anak Yayasan Kanker Anak Indonesia Bergembira di TeamLab

By: Eddy Dwinanto Iskandar Artikel ini diambil dari Tokio Marine Life Insurance Indonesia sebagai brand yang senantiasa menginspirasi orang untuk melakukan hal yang bermanfaat dalam hidup mengadakan Program CSR dengan mengajak 50 anak-anak dengan kanker dari Yayasan Kanker Anak Indonesia (YKAI). Puluhan anak dengan kanker diajak  berkreasi dan bergembira di wahana edukasi kreatif berteknologi tinggi, TeamLab Future Park di Plaza Indonesia. Chief Marketing Officer Tokio … [Read more...]

Saving for your child’s education

The cost of education continues to increase, but schooling is still the best option in terms of securing a bright future for any child. With competition getting stiffer in the job market, university degrees will become the must-have tool to achieve career success. But going to a university is not cheap, not to mention the incremental cost of tuition fees that can reach 100 percent within three to four years. The average inflation rate in education costs is estimated at around 15 percent … [Read more...]

Insurance industry takes on more competent agents

The growing middle class and increasing public awareness of insurance have led to a rising demand for various insurance products.  Correspondingly, the need for insurance agents is on the rise. This has created a demand for more qualified agents, as an agent should not be limited to marketing and sales, but also educating clients on how insurance plays its role in providing the right solutions for clients’ protection and future financial needs. Looking at this phenomenon, the Indonesian In … [Read more...]

Carl Steven Gustini: The value of understanding culture and people in management

Carl Steven Gustini knows the value of being stationed in several different countries, as he has gained an enhanced perspective on culture and people that helps him deal with managerial issues. The 49-year-old business executive held a strategic position when he worked with an insurance firm in the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam prior to starting work in Indonesia two years ago. “Living in Jakarta is as equally fantastic as living in several other Asian countries where I used to work, b … [Read more...]

Putting the ‘Sure’ in Insurance to Plan Ahead

Life insurance is indeed the cornerstone of financial planning. Not only does having a life insurance policy provide economic protection against unfavorable events, but no less important, it is a source of funds to secure a financial future. For those having a family that depends on their income, the policy allows the family to use the proceeds to help replace the policy holder’s income and eliminate his or her debt if something happens to the bread winner. Regardless of one’s quality of l … [Read more...]

Saving for a child’s education: Parents should plan ahead

Joy, happiness and a sense of accomplishment usually greet parents the first time they hold their newborn. This is the dawn where the parents' dreams and expectations start for their child's future. Moments of pondering if their child can master foreign languages, science and computer skills. Or develop musical and art talents as well as actively engage in sports. Such dreams can be achieved through education. However, schooling is high cost nowadays, and sending a child to a good school … [Read more...]

Building the Future

Blessed with the savvy to read the market well, Patricia Rolla is confident to take the newly established insurance company she leads to the next level. With kindhearted smile, the president director of MNC Life says that there is a significant room for the growth of insurance industry in Indonesia. “Undoubtedly, demography plays its crucial role as the engine to boost the industry,” Patricia Rolla attests, referring to the fact that the majority of Indonesian people have yet to own ins … [Read more...]

Do we need and trust insurance?

"I don't believe in insurance since it has more disadvantages than advantages," Della, a fresh university graduate, said. She has her reason for making such a statement. Her father's health insurance claim was once rejected by an insurance company, which argued that there were a number of illnesses exempted from coverage in the first year of policy holding. The father needed medical treatment 10 months after he took out his policy. The family thus had to shoulder all the costs incurred from … [Read more...]