The Royal Twinings

The tenth generation of the British tea giant talks about the legacy of his family business that has contributed to the tea drinking as a culture of the British royal family.  “It was in 1837 when the British royal family granted a Royal Warrant of Appointment to Twinings, and we have ever since continued inventing various types of tea blending. Despite the different blends, all of our teas are created to fit the taste of the queen,” Stephen Twining says adding, “Royal Warrant of Appointment i … [Read more...]

Luxotic World

Within the enchanting beauty of nature lies the magnificent haven that basks in the charm of the island of gods. Tracing the footsteps of one of Bali’s most revered spots leads to an exquisite luxury resort perched on limestone cliffs on the island’s southern coast, one hundred meters above the vast Indian Ocean. Here in Uluwatu is where an exotic panorama sparks the charm of an area of many thousands of years older than mainland Bali, beautifully wrapped with some of the best surfing spo … [Read more...]

SAMSUNG EZON Digital Lock: Safety in Your Hand

At first glance, it looks like a mobile phone, but it is another breakthrough that one of the world’s largest electronics corporations has brought to the table. The South Korea’s giant now has come up with a new touch screed based door lock. Just as easy as operating a remote control, SAMSUNG EZON Digital Door Lock is smartly designed to unravel the city’s trend of criminal acts such as those of theft and burglary. Not only is this sophisticated gadget featured with comfy electronic security l … [Read more...]

Swiss German University: A Future Investment

Investing in children education requires more than just spending a large sum of money. Quality unquestionably should come first. Thank to globalization era that the door of international education has been opened widely, paving the way for more fields of study. And for those who seek international quality education in either undergraduate or graduate schools without having to leave the country, Swiss German University has become an alternative to studying abroad. Situated in Bumi Serpong … [Read more...]

Tutor Time: Nurturing the best

As parents want the best education their money can buy for their children, today’s demand for early education has been on the rise. As a result, a variety of preschools and kindergartens offering a range of curricula and approaches have brought to the table, leaving many parents frustrated to choose which learning method fits best to their children. This all due to the fact that parents, in general, want their children to reach their potential in learning. However, they should realize that c … [Read more...]

Farah Angsana: Innovating a Couture

International fashion designer Farah Angsana is showing the world how the beauty of Indonesia has contributed to her latest masterpieces. Aulia R. Sungkar finds out more. The Indonesian born, Zurich based fashion designer has won the hearts of the world’s crème de la crème fashionistas with her haute couture and bridal collections, which are frequently showcased in esteemed events such as Los Angeles and New York fashion weeks. This time, Farah is rediscovering her talent bearing the … [Read more...]

PIAGGIO: Beyond Scooter

With more than a century of striking success, Piaggio, the legend Italian brand and one of the world’s largest producers of scooters and motorcycles has launched its new exclusive three-wheeled vehicles, which link the past with the present. The Fuoco 500 and MP3 250 are indeed more than just a scooter. Both models have the adventurer look which is sporty and sexy. They are created in a fashionable style that marries cutting-edge technology. Both are vividly designed as powerful scooters that … [Read more...]