Starting young in teaching environmental awareness

In line with heightened concern about global warming, the formal education sector, particularly among national plus and international schools, offers classes on environmental awareness as part of the curriculum. Education experts believe that it’s a case of the earlier, the better to instill this environmental concern in students. “The goal is clear. We want to raise awareness among students from an early age about the benefits of green living,” said Jenti Martono, the principal and acade … [Read more...]

Computer, the ‘in’ thing at preschool

As the role of technology has become an integrated part in the realm of education, many preschools now use computer programs as educational tools to help children at an early age develop their various skills, from literacy to science. Amazing graphics with colorful pictures and other interesting features displayed on a computer screen indeed attract children's attention. And with a wide choice of interactive software programs specifically designed to cater to children's educational needs, … [Read more...]