Building better quality higher education

With changes occurring in Indonesian society through the country’s improved economy, there has also been a paradigm shift in how Indonesian people perceive the importance of higher education. Particularly in major cities like Jakarta, a high school diploma is no longer an adequate tool with which to engage in a highly competitive job market. With Indonesia’s economy conducive to more businesses in need of people with higher education, correspondingly, there has been an increasing demand for un … [Read more...]

Why Should YOU try Europe?

As diverse as they are plentiful, thousands of institutions of higher education sprawl across Europe, ranging from universities to language schools and research establishments. Indeed, Europe has long built a worldwide reputation as a haven for international learning. Recent research from Ohio State University in the United States indicates that among the world’s top 100 universities, 41 are from European countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, French, the Netherlands, N … [Read more...]

S’pore & M’sia, promising study destinations

It is not just the English language that has gone international, but the field of higher education along with it. Correspondingly, many universities abroad have a huge attraction for those looking to further their education. Nevertheless, studying abroad is not cheap, especially at universities in the U.S. and Britain. But they are not the only destinations. With the increasing globalization era that has opened the world of education wider, countries in Southeast Asian like Singapore and … [Read more...]

Singapore: An International Education Haven

The presence of reputable schools, colleges and universities has led to Singapore becoming a major international education hub. Correspondingly, more overseas universities are now entering Singapore's education market. Currently, there are more than 120 overseas higher education institutions collaborating with universities in Singapore that offer various undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs, according to a study by Edupoll. The Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) Global … [Read more...]

Overseas study opportunity within reach

Competition is what has led to the pursuit of academic degrees from overseas. It is not just the English language that has gone international, but a much broader range of studies offering huge opportunities have attracted students worldwide, including those from Indonesia. However, distance is often an obstacle for Indonesians seeking an overseas study opportunity and many say that study in Singapore and Australia is a good choice. In addition to being a world-class shopping hub and … [Read more...]

The Fruit of Studying Abroad

In the eyes of alumni of higher education institutions abroad, a success of earning a college degree can be translated as a brighter career development and a universal character building. It is true that the main reason of studying abroad is due to systematic learning programs designed according to the individual needs. Nevertheless, many graduating from renowned schools in countries like Singapore, the United States and Australia find the benefits beyond just an academic pursuit. Career … [Read more...]

Southeast Asia Choice for Studying Abroad

Due to the high level of competition in today’s job market, earning an academic degree is becoming more important. And the fact that the degree earned overseas has the potential to get brighter future career, many universities abroad have a huge attraction for those looking to further their education. With the increasing globalization, countries in Southeast Asian like Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippine have become a promising destination for studying abroad. Indeed, many recommend t … [Read more...]

Pursuing an education in Singapore

Singapore, known as a shopping hub and tourist destination, has long seen the emergence of world-class universities, providing alternative quality education for Indonesians pursuing study overseas. Besides using English as its first language, with increasing globalization, Singapore has become more of a melting pot. Ethnic Chinese, who make up the majority of the population, Malays, Indians and Eurasians live together harmoniously. Not to mention a large number of expatriates from all over … [Read more...]

Prof. Dr. Thoby Mutis: ‘Our Students Think outside the Box’

In today’s era of globalization, entrepreneurship seems to be prevalent and has the capacity that is likely to surpass many routine occupations. A number of business schools in the archipelago, as a consequence, have been growing rapidly. Nevertheless, how effective is these schools in terms of producing good entrepreneur? Thoby Mutis, the University Trisakti’s rector said that a business school will not make its students an accountant or manager. Nor does it guarantee the students to be a suc … [Read more...]