Fresh milk healthier, more natural

Milk helps children grow. Particularly for children at an early age, milk can help their muscles, bones and brain grow substantially since it contains necessary calcium, vitamins and proteins needed.  In meeting the world toughest standards, Greenfields milk delivers its naturally fresh milk from their own dairy farm. The milk is transported directly from milking parlor to storage tank through pipes, untouched by human hands. Greenfields has been set up by Australian farmers who cooperated … [Read more...]

Natural is Always Best

In line with its new tag line “Caring for Life” and as a means of meeting the world’s highest nutritious standard, Greenfields delivers its naturally fresh milk straight from its own dairy farm. The fresh milk is obtained by consumers in the best preserved way, with all the nature of healthy nutrients remaining. Calcium to grow strong bones and teeth, vitamins to give you protection, proteins to build your body, and no less important, the taste is delicious and fresh to drink. Some manuf … [Read more...]