TNT Express & Carrefour Hold A Tree-Planting Program

Today TNT Express Indonesia, in collaboration with PT Trans Retail Indonesia (Carrefour) and in conjunction with the World Environment Day, planted its first fruit tree to symbolize the commencement of a 500 tree-planting partnership program to be conducted at 12 primary schools in the Greater Jakarta area. The first tree of orange was planted at one of the Carrefour Beneficiaries Schools, Madrasah Ibtidaiyah At-Taqwa Cikarang, at a ceremony this morning, which was graced and witnessed … [Read more...]

Starting young in teaching environmental awareness

In line with heightened concern about global warming, the formal education sector, particularly among national plus and international schools, offers classes on environmental awareness as part of the curriculum. Education experts believe that it’s a case of the earlier, the better to instill this environmental concern in students. “The goal is clear. We want to raise awareness among students from an early age about the benefits of green living,” said Jenti Martono, the principal and acade … [Read more...]

Green Tokyo

Exploring sustainable city living The world’s largest metro area and most populous city, Tokyo offers a unique destination. Apart from its excellent eateries, fun entertainment centers, fabulous shopping venues and other related cosmopolitan excitements, the concrete jungle of Tokyo is also a garden city. Despite blending into the rhythm of the city’s busy scene, Tokyo residents are accustomed to creating gardens in small public spaces outside apartment buildings, shops and houses. The cit … [Read more...]

The Rising Trend

Bringing eco-living to the next level As a current global rising trend, eco-living has won the heart of those seeking comfortable and healthy living. The increasing trend is due to not only the strong element of green property, but also the use of energy-efficient building as well as sustainably produced furniture and interior made from renewable raw materials. In other words, eco-living is an attempt to carry out our life in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner that include … [Read more...]