Nice to be Here

Text and images by: Chris Andre Widely promoted as "Bali" of France, Nice is a beautiful European summer city that offers more than sprawling beaches. For those who have been to France, a visit to Nice would still induce ooh and ahs. This small tropical destination in the south-east of France, along the French Riviera, is surprisingly full of colors. The history notes that Nice was actually derived from the city’s previous Italian name, Nissa. That itself provides some clues as to why the city … [Read more...]

Passionate Paris

Pleasure and history are harmoniously blended in the world’s capital of romance Paris is much more than just the city of lights. The intrinsically beautiful capital of France offers everything a traveler could possibly hope for. With over 30 million tourists from around the world visiting the city each year, Paris has surely become one of the world’s most favorite destinations. We begin our trip by walking alongside rue des Abesses where we find an array of hype bars and restaurants sit … [Read more...]