‘England Lost’: Mick Jagger sings Brexit blues

Agence France-Presse Rock legend Mick Jagger has released a new track called "England Lost" that reflects the soul-searching in Britain since the Brexit vote in what he said was "a difficult moment in our history". The song released on Thursday, a collaboration with grime artist Skepta, starts out as a reflection on seeing England's beleaguered football team lose. "But when I wrote the title I knew it would be about more than just that. It's about a feeling that we are in a … [Read more...]

Nathan Hartono: Bringing a New Face in Jazz

The mindset of Jazz as a music genre commonly performed and enjoyed by folks in their 40s and 50s is not always right. The presence of 17-year-old Nathan Hartono, the Singapore’s youngest jazz singer, has proven that more youngsters nowadays enjoy the syncopated rhythm music of jazz. Nathan’s boyish good look and heart-breaking smile add perfection to his polished singing style and charismatic stage performance; the fuses that light the hearts of young teenage girls as well as ladies in their … [Read more...]

Distinguished Buzz at Dragonfly

Themed “The Final Thursday Industrie-Red Carpet Affair,” Dragonfly threw a spectacular bash on Thursday night presented DJ Jayo and DJ Rama as well as fashion modeled by Jakarta socialites. The idea of inviting a number of socialites to model at the party’s fashion show is a reflection of Dragonfly as a nest for sociable people who appreciate the good life, according to Amanda Putri, the club’s marketing and promotion manager. Pointing at the crowd, she exclaimed, “It’s another one of a ki … [Read more...]

Immigrant: E Pluribus Unum

Living in the colourful world is a destination where we can learn and experience something differently from our local custom. Standing out from the crowd, Immigrant as a top-notch newish entertainment spot cuts across cultures and cliques. Sipping a sweet and sour green apple martini called Green Card on the balcony in the evening, or watching the sunset out from the city while the Bundaran Hotel Indonesia Landmark starts getting overflowed with vehicles. A contradictive scenery is gradually … [Read more...]