Effective study time at home

By Ruth Ninajanty. Originally published in The Jakarta Post's Education Tabloid, October 2017. After spending most of her day at school, fifth grader Yosefin is definitely tired when she arrives home. She leaves home at 6:30 a.m. and returns at 5 p.m. This year, her mother Hidiawati decided against enrolling her in any extracurricular activities so she can return home earlier and have more time to study. “I always try to be flexible when it comes to study time at home. I leave it up to … [Read more...]

Translation, localization and copywriting

What are the differences between translation, localization and copywriting             When attempting to convey your company’s marketing materials to a foreign reader, there are several ways to express your thoughts, but what is the best way – for you?Technically, we all know what translation is, but do you know the difference between translation and localization? And what about copywriting? These terms sound vastly similar, but the pro … [Read more...]

Neeltje Sutandjati: Managing teachers for a better future

By Ruth Ninajanty. Published in The Jakarta Post. Childhood educator Neeltje Sutandjati puts emphasis on teacher development to improve her schools. Early childhood education is more than just teaching young children about words and numbers but also introducing them to every aspect of life. When School Director Neeltje Sutandjati started iSmile in 2007, she wanted the school to make a difference for society and the nation. '€œSetting up a school should be founded foremost on a passion … [Read more...]

Martin Löffelholz : Clear communication sends right message for growth

Communication is a key pillar of any organization, and effective communication is the engine that drives its growth, believes journalist-cum-professor Martin Löffelholz. “Even if you have a good product, you won’t be able to sell it if no one knows about it,” said the new rector of Swiss German University, emphasizing the importance of communication in effectively conveying a message to an audience. He also believes in communication as a strategic task. As the leader of the university since … [Read more...]

Saving for your child’s education

The cost of education continues to increase, but schooling is still the best option in terms of securing a bright future for any child. With competition getting stiffer in the job market, university degrees will become the must-have tool to achieve career success. But going to a university is not cheap, not to mention the incremental cost of tuition fees that can reach 100 percent within three to four years. The average inflation rate in education costs is estimated at around 15 percent … [Read more...]

Press releases: 10 common mistakes

Whether you're organising a festival or shouting about your show, keep these no-nos in mind before emailing arts editors  Press releases are a presentation of facts, written for journalists in the hope it gets published. They are an opportunity for brands, businesses and arts organisations to reach their target audience through the media. They aim to tell the world about your interesting stories, anything from an arts product launch to a new appointment or award. As the press release is … [Read more...]

Saving for a child’s education: Parents should plan ahead

Joy, happiness and a sense of accomplishment usually greet parents the first time they hold their newborn. This is the dawn where the parents' dreams and expectations start for their child's future. Moments of pondering if their child can master foreign languages, science and computer skills. Or develop musical and art talents as well as actively engage in sports. Such dreams can be achieved through education. However, schooling is high cost nowadays, and sending a child to a good school … [Read more...]

Starting young in teaching environmental awareness

In line with heightened concern about global warming, the formal education sector, particularly among national plus and international schools, offers classes on environmental awareness as part of the curriculum. Education experts believe that it’s a case of the earlier, the better to instill this environmental concern in students. “The goal is clear. We want to raise awareness among students from an early age about the benefits of green living,” said Jenti Martono, the principal and acade … [Read more...]

Technology opens up the options for learning

Ratu M. Sumampow is a recent graduate of sixth grade, but she can already testify to the power of technology in education. “When I was a little girl, I didn’t understand a book I read and I had trouble understanding the story. After my mom introduced me to technology, I can easily go online to conveniently get all the information I need,” said Ratu. When it comes to education, technology can help children in the learning process through various tools, from laptops and computers to Black … [Read more...]

Chinese Challenge: More Indonesians Learning Mandarin

Indonesians are going mad for Mandarin in record numbers as they look to give their careers a boost by taking advantage of China’s growing economic influence and its improved ties here. Nandito Brotowinoto, general manager of Indonesia Design magazine, is one such Indonesian who thinks Mandarin is an important language to learn if you want an edge in business. “I have to say that it is highly recommended that you know Mandarin as a third language after English,” he said. “Looking at the inc … [Read more...]