Living A Mobile Cyber Lifestyle

Today’s IT fast development has shaped mobile internet infrastructure that makes Jakarta as a metropolitan with mobile communication trends. Using a handy broadband, be it from smart phone, tablet or netbook, all the information and how people communicate can now easily and respectively be accessed and conducted at the click of a button. And communications are getting much easier despite the city’s notorious traffic that often hampers the schedule of people to meet. “In some cases, when a m … [Read more...]

Specialty IT stores a value-added concept

Not only do a variety of information and technology product brands give customers more choice, but this phenomenon has led to an increase in specialty stores, which focus on selling a particular brand. In addition to giving more choices in particular products, most people will agree that shopping for IT products at specialty brand stores guarantees the genuineness of the products themselves. Furthermore, some will argue that after-sales service from a store that sells a variety of brands … [Read more...]