Tokio Marine Ajak Anak-anak Yayasan Kanker Anak Indonesia Bergembira di TeamLab

By: Eddy Dwinanto Iskandar Artikel ini diambil dari Tokio Marine Life Insurance Indonesia sebagai brand yang senantiasa menginspirasi orang untuk melakukan hal yang bermanfaat dalam hidup mengadakan Program CSR dengan mengajak 50 anak-anak dengan kanker dari Yayasan Kanker Anak Indonesia (YKAI). Puluhan anak dengan kanker diajak  berkreasi dan bergembira di wahana edukasi kreatif berteknologi tinggi, TeamLab Future Park di Plaza Indonesia. Chief Marketing Officer Tokio … [Read more...]

Indofood supports national food security with research funding

By Prasiddha Gustanto. Originally published in The Jakarta Post, Sept. 23, 2017 As a country with centuries-old local food wisdom, Indonesia has enormous potential for creativity and innovation in its food production. Yet much of this potential is either undiscovered or understudied. This can be disastrous for the nation’s food security. Knowing how to make the best of Indonesia’s rich diversity of local food crops is essential for ensuring that the people at all times have, as per the Foo … [Read more...]

TNT Express & Carrefour Hold A Tree-Planting Program

Today TNT Express Indonesia, in collaboration with PT Trans Retail Indonesia (Carrefour) and in conjunction with the World Environment Day, planted its first fruit tree to symbolize the commencement of a 500 tree-planting partnership program to be conducted at 12 primary schools in the Greater Jakarta area. The first tree of orange was planted at one of the Carrefour Beneficiaries Schools, Madrasah Ibtidaiyah At-Taqwa Cikarang, at a ceremony this morning, which was graced and witnessed … [Read more...]

Diary firms’ CSR focus on preventive health care

It is everyone's wish to lead a healthy life regardless of his or her social status. But in reality, many children from poor families living in either rural or urban areas lack the necessary nutrition. Prices of healthy products such as milk, vitamins and food supplements have gone up over the past several years, leaving healthy products unaffordable for poor families. Consequently, many children from poor families are unable to consume healthy products that are very much needed for … [Read more...]

Breaking Intergenerational Poverty through Better Quality Teachers

Teachers play a vital role in nurturing today’s generation into becoming better individuals in the future. In commemorating the National Teachers Day on the 25th of November, this could be the best time to honor teachers and recognize the lasting contributions they make to Indonesian education. Nevertheless, Indonesia is still experiencing an acute shortfall in quality teachers. In many cases, especially in rural and remote areas, teachers still lack the necessities of knowledge and skills n … [Read more...]

Coca-Cola’s Live Positively: Achieving a Better Future through Sustainability

Coca-Cola has launched a campaign with the slogan Live Positively to reflect their philosophy and plans that ensure all aspects of their business be geared toward sustainability. “We have taken a serious consideration on how to address all the issues that we have impacted to the world’s economy, environment and social. And of course, Indonesia is no exception,” Torsten Kuenzlen, president director of Coca Cola Indonesia, said while referring to Live Positively as the company’s commitment to maki … [Read more...]

Supporting Primary Education

Being an inseparable part of the Indonesia’s unity in diversity, Carrefour believes that the company’s success should not be defined solely by its financial returns. No less important, the success should include the company’s commitment to meeting society’s expectations as a good corporate citizen. One of the crucial factors being concerned in today’s society is education. Lacking of the basic education in a nation can result in a less competitive generation, particularly in today’s globalizat … [Read more...]

Building Clean Water Facilities & Environmental Sustainability

Danone Aqua’s Clean Water Access and Environmental Health program provides examples of how the company has committed to helping local communities access clean water. Looking at the fact that there are many communities in regions nationwide still facing the difficulty in accessing clean water, Danone Aqua proposed to realize the program to the 2009 UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Awards. Planned and implemented in accordance with the necessity and assessment in a number of local c … [Read more...]

Seeing bigger picture through CSR programs

Being a good corporate citizen means a company is committed to address not only the needs and expectations of its employees and shareholders, but also those of the society. Staying true to this understanding, PT HM Sampoerna’ corporate social responsibility programs are built on the company’s own “Three Hands Philosophy,” which balances the expectations of its consumers & business partners, employees as well as the society at large. In light with the philosophy, PT HM Sampoerna is seeking … [Read more...]