From China to the Streets of the World

With China now one of the world’s economy and industry powerhouses , it is only a matter of time before the world turns its attention to China’s automotive industry. Last year, China recorded a total purchase of 17.2 million cars, compared to 11.2 million cars purchased in the United States, making China the biggest car market in the world. Automotive industry in China has grown in leaps and bounds in the last couple of decades, and Geely has established itself as one of China’s top ten carma … [Read more...]

A New Player in Indonesia with Market-Beating Products

One of China’s leading car manufacturers, Geely, entered the Indonesian market two years ago to take advantage of the significant growth of the automotive industry here. Geely Indonesia has established its presence under Geely Mobil Indonesia, the proprietary sole agent for Geely brand, currently offering Geely MK sedan 1,500-cc, Geely MK2 Hatchback 1,500-cc and Geely Panda 1,300-cc. Geely Panda has been the primadona with the highest sales volume among the three models.  “This budget car i … [Read more...]

The Delight of Studying in China

As the use of the Mandarin language is on the rise, education in China has been well developed and is becoming more popular. With the improved bilateral ties between China and Indonesia, China has become a study destination for Indonesians. There are more than 2,000 higher institutions in China offering language and academic degrees or certificates for foreign students throughout the world. Just like universities and colleges in the West, the rapidly changing economy in China has opened a … [Read more...]