Safe travel means holding a travel insurance policy

By Sudibyo M. Wiradji. Originally published in The Jakarta Post on October 18, 2017 Aditya (not his real name) had prepared everything for a two week holiday to Europe, expect for travel insurance. The 39-year-old manager of a private company had traveled overseas several times but had sneezed at the idea of needing insurance as he left everything to Yang di atas, another way of saying to God. But this time around he felt a bit unwell as he had a cough, followed sometimes by s … [Read more...]

Insurance industry challenging yet promising

By Aulia R. Sungkar. Originally published in The Jakarta Post on October 18, 2017 Teddy was very skeptical about having an insurance policy. It wasn’t about the money, as he successfully turned his export business into a profitable venture. “But just like many other Indonesians, we still faced a steep learning curve in dealing with insurance products,” Lani, Teddy’s wife, recalled. That was in the late 1990s, during the heyday of his business. Later, in the early 2000s,  the business … [Read more...]

Timothy Charles Parker: Sharpening business focus with pragmatic approach

Text & photo: Aulia R. Sungkar. Originally published in The Jakarta Post. Leading businessman Timothy Charles Parker uses a flexible management style to maintain his solid team in his luggage and travel wear empire. Envisioning a business goal takes a strategy drafted by the right people with clear direction, says Timothy '€œTim'€ Charles Parker, chairman of Samsonite International. '€œFinding the right people that can contribute to building a solid team is always the basic step. B … [Read more...]

Kikuo Ibe: Unbreakable teamwork in creating the shock of the new

Kikuo Ibe became a pioneer in the world of watches because of a dream, his team and a refusal to crack under pressure. The Japanese had loved the durable watch his father gave him as a high school graduation present, which lasted for 12 years through thick and thin. But most watches were expensive and less robust at the time, and the young Ibe was fixated on his dream of inventing a rugged and shock-resistant timepiece. He joined Japanese electronics giant Casio as a member of its Design … [Read more...]

Ivada L. Santoso: It’s who you know: Understanding your network and what they need

The CEO of Prakarsa Semesta Alam and marketing director of Sekar Artha Sentosa, both apartment projects, puts that success down to understanding her network and the market. Marketing and networking are two inseparable sources in selling high-value products, especially property,” Ivada said of reaching out to prospective customers and investors. “If you do it right, you can educate them to become buyers and investors.” Educating consumers and investors means informing them that the produ … [Read more...]

How personality plays a role in effective leadership

When executives identify admirable leaders, they often underestimate their struggle with certain elements of their personality. In truth, the majority of effective leaders even “naturals” like Richard Branson or PepsiCo’s Indra Nooyi had to work hard to manage their personality traits to get where they are today. There are countless personality traits that distinguish us from one another, some inherited while others are learned. But recent research has converged toward five broad dimensions, e … [Read more...]

Tomy Sofhian: Taking the reins through strategic planning and execution

Tomy Sofhian broke the expatriate bar when he became the first local to helm the Indonesian operation of Amsterdam-based international logistics service provider, TNT Express. Since its establishment in Indonesia in 1979, TNT Express Indonesia had always been under a foreign managing director. His appointment to the position last June was due to the need to have a leader who understands the local market, Tomy believes. While he is a fan of motivational and leadership gurus from the West, … [Read more...]

Emirates Takes Home 2013 ‘World’s Best Airline’ Award

Cementing its place as one of the world's leading international airlines, Emirates has been awarded the highly coveted 'World's Best Airline' award, presented by Skytrax at the 2013 World Airline Awards. In addition to winning 'World's Best Airline', Emirates scooped up a further two awards including 'Best Middle East Airline' and for a record ninth year in a row, 'World's Best Inflight Entertainment'. The awards were collected on June 19, 2013 by Tim Clark, president of Emirates Airline at th … [Read more...]

TNT Express Appoints the First Local Leader

Tomy Sofhian has been named managing director of TNT Express Indonesia, replacing Ivan Siew who left the company for a new position in TNT Hong Kong. Tomy’s appointment indeed marks a history, as he is the first Indonesian to lead TNT Express Indonesia ever since the company started to establish its presence in the archipelago 34 years ago. Tomy has joined TNT Indonesia for more than 11 years, with the last two years leading the Sales & Marketing department. “It has been immense to … [Read more...]

New Wave Marketeer

Combining products of Western mind, Asian heart and Indonesian soul, marketing guru Hermawan Kartajaya never stops innovating his ideas and thoughts. His contribution to a brilliant concept is bringing Indonesia to the international marketing arena. The concept is a marketing evolution that highlights the importance of doing marketing with meaning. The concept is sophisticatedly detailed in “Marketing 3.0: From Product to Customer to the Human Spirit,” the book Hermawan wrote with Philip Kot … [Read more...]