$30.1 million for Andy Warhol’s ‘selfie’

Before there was the “selfie,” there was the self-portrait. And a series of six made by Andy Warhol sold for US$30.1 million in New York on Wednesday, May 14th,  according to The Associated Press. According to Sotheby's, the portraits were first shown in 1986 at Warhol’s only show dedicated to self-portraits. London gallery owner Anthony D’Offay recalls in the series catalog: "I realised two things: first that Warhol was without question the greatest portrait painter of the 20th century, an … [Read more...]

An art tour shows Vietnamese history in full color

Five years in Ho Chi Minh City, working as a hotel manager in the city once named Saigon, I’ve explored this city’s alleys, its boulevards, its riverfront, its museums, pagodas, temples, churches and palaces. I’ve pieced together a pretty solid picture of Vietnamese history. I know what events followed each other, as well as the crucial names, dates and figures along the way, and even some of the lesser-known details peppering the country’s past. But what I didn’t know much of were the pers … [Read more...]

From Warhol with Love

From 12 to 24 September 2013, Sotheby’s Hong Kong will host a selling exhibition of Andy Warhol works, From Warhol, With Love, from S|2 - the private sale and gallery arm of Sotheby’s global Contemporary Art department, offering exceptional works of art through unique and important exhibitions throughout the world.  Primarily devoted to the artist’s works on paper, this exhibition presents a rare opportunity to see a wide range of works that act as a window into the mind of the Pop genius.  From … [Read more...]

Gamelan: is it game over?

Can this traditional Indonesian musical ensemble continue to mark the rhythms of human life? Words: Aulia R. Sungkar     Photography: M.I. Mappasenge Jetstar Asia Magazine, June 2013 NEW PASSION Despite fears that the popularity of gamelan is fading in Indonesia, Kenthus notices that this Javanese ensemble has attracted more and more foreigners, such as those from the US, Australia and Japan. But will this be enough to keep it going? Only time will tell. Literally meaning o … [Read more...]

Going Global

Managing director of Jakarta based international auction house enthuses JJK that Indonesian art is set to reach greater heights at the international level.   Everyone has his or her own view when expressing the meaning of art. For an avid art collector like Deborah Iskandar, art is more than just the design of objects and artefacts. “To me, art is an appreciation of the sophistication and delicacy of the striking elements of artistic forms such as painting and sculpture that you can enjoy a … [Read more...]

Bali & Beyond

Balinese art sees globalization yet maintains its local value Other than having the strong value of local culture and religion, there are foreign elements that have long been infused into the historical quality of Balinese art. Both Balinese artists and the community believe that such foreign influence does not contradict local norms and cultural values. In fact, such a rich blend has made Balinese art colorful. Historically, foreign elements have for centuries been attached to Balinese … [Read more...]

Romance on Canvas

Through the power of art, a variety of colors can mirror love and romance when the romantic feeling of an artist is expressed on a canvas with emotions and passion. Romance is best known as a feeling of excitement associated with love. In fact, almost everyone experiences the feeling at some point in their lives. While love and romance have become fundamental parts of life, art explore the insight of human feelings and experiences. In the realm of art, nevertheless, love and romance have … [Read more...]

Renaissance Revisited

Influenced from many aspects of life, from art and politics to science and religion, artists from renaissance era did not just throw their imaginary talent onto canvas but a convincing appearance of reality. The word “renaissance” is identical with the cultural movement spanned roughly from the14th to 17th century beginning in Florence in the late Middle Ages and later spread to the rest of Europe. It is derived from a French word, literally means revival or rebirth after the everlasting war a … [Read more...]

Going Global

With passionate talent and outstanding skills, Indonesian artists have produced masterpieces potential to bring the Indonesian art into a glorious period at the international level. Auction houses such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s have been witnessing the escalating prices of Indonesian contemporary artworks, which are far higher than the initial estimate. Renowned artists such as I Nyoman Masriadi, Rudi Mantofani and Agus Suwage are among those whose masterpieces have fetched hundreds of tho … [Read more...]

Inge Rijanto: The Making of A Great Artist

If it wasn’t because of a call of the heart, Inge Rijanto wouldn’t have been a great artist. And through the means of the human body, the eminent Indonesian painter and sculptor Inge Rijanto expresses her emotions. Her former career as a fashion designer has borne a success of being a ‘know-how’ in drawing and designing clothing. However, as Inge then became aware, clothing is no more than the outer covering that summed up in a human body. And despite the fact that the savoir-faire of designi … [Read more...]