Saving for a child’s education: Parents should plan ahead

Joy, happiness and a sense of accomplishment usually greet parents the first time they hold their newborn. This is the dawn where the parents' dreams and expectations start for their child's future. Moments of pondering if their child can master foreign languages, science and computer skills. Or develop musical and art talents as well as actively engage in sports. Such dreams can be achieved through education. However, schooling is high cost nowadays, and sending a child to a good school … [Read more...]

Arief Rachman: ‘Teaching English needs a flexible approach’

Despite the fact that English is the most widely spoken language in the world, there are still many students in need of assistance during the learning process. In Indonesia, there are a large number of English language schools offering various teaching methods. With the myriad methods available, many people are often confused about how to choose which learning approach to suit them best. The Point spoke to Arief Rachman, an education expert and renowned English lecturer at Jakarta State … [Read more...]