World’s Most Beautiful Buildings

Straight away we’ll say that this isn’t a top 10 list. There are just far too many styles of buildings, each worthy of a top 50: sacred buildings, homes, skyscrapers, theatres… Instead, this is a list showing the variety of architectural beauty across the globe – and pointing you in the direction of some unforgettable photographic opportunities. Some will argue about the omissions – the Sydney Opera House, the Chrysler Building, Fallingwater – but consider this a starting point, a checklist … [Read more...]

A Local Sense

The veteran architect Yori Antar shares his confidence in the high feasibility to mix the elements of Indonesia’s rich cultures in building a polo club. As one of Indonesia’s prominent senior architects, Yori believes in the wisdom of Indonesia’s architecture. “Indonesian [traditional] architectures can stand the test of time, built by the locals using the available materials, but still giving high respect to the nature from which they are taken. If you want to look for a green and sustain … [Read more...]

Stephen Pimbley: Creating Landmarks in Asia

Under the helm of Stephen Pimbley, an award-winning international architectural consultancy SPARCH has over the last 10 years delivered a diverse range of landmark projects from its studios in Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Malaysia, Shanghai and Singapore. During his short visit to Jakarta, Pimbley shared with Indonesia Design contributor Aulia R. Sungkar his design philosophy and architecture concept as well as his projects that have gained worldwide recognition across Asia. You have successfully … [Read more...]