Thousand Islands Getaway

Text: Gandi Faisal Some of the favorite destinations among the Thousand Islands to escape the city’s hustle and bustle. Countless Joy among the Thousand Islands The Thousand Islands lie spread out off Jakarta Bay, and have long been a tourist destination for not only the city’s residents, but also tourists from across the archipelago and overseas. The range of small islands in the region makes for a great location for spending the weekend or even for longer vacation. You can do isl … [Read more...]

To Quit or not to Quit

AS THE YEAR COMES TO  A CLOSE, YOU MIGHT BE THINKING OF STARTING A NEW CHAPTER IN YOUR CAREER LIFE. SO, SHOULD YOU QUIT? There are things to consider before you tender your resignation letter and call it quits. These ideas might be worth pondering before make your call. WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? Career life has its own phases and stages. It’s more than just about making money. As a matter of fact, it’s closely linked to our personal needs as human being. As such, you might want to ta … [Read more...]

7 Most Bizarre Wedding Traditions

As the wedding season culminates in the last quarter of the year, these facts will show you how love comes in multitude of expressions. Germany During the wedding, the bride and groom have to saw a log in half in front of the guests to prove that they can work together and face future obstacles come what may. Scotland Before the bride and groom don their finest grabs, they will be sloshed with alcohol and covered in flour, ash or feathers by family and friends the day before … [Read more...]