Singapore Tourism Board launches ‘Passion Made Possible’

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has recently unveiled “Passion Made Possible”, a new brand of Singapore designed to market the country internationally for both tourism and business purposes. The brand was launched by STB in Singapore on August 24, 2017. Indonesia being the top source market is among the first across 15 markets in the global roll out of the new brand over the next 3 months.

The new brand captures the spirit and attitude of Singapore, and tells a fuller Singapore story beyond just tourism. With the themes of “Passion” and “Possibilities” entrenched in Singapore‟s history and imbued in the nation‟s psyche, and told through stories of its people, Passion Made Possible is the embodiment of the country‟s track record and tenacity to fulfill passions and continually create new possibilities.

Courtesy of STB

“Consumers are increasingly driven by their passions in making their travel decisions. We want to communicate that Singapore can fulfill the passions of tourists and visitors. Beyond the functional attributes of safety and efficiency which most Indonesians are familiar with, we want to establish a deeper, more personal connection between Singapore and our Indonesian fans and friends,” said Edward Koh, executive director, Southeast Asia,
Singapore Tourism Board.

The new brand is in line with Singapore‟s aspiration to attract Quality Tourism. The approach will go beyond what you can do in Singapore to invite Indonesians to think about what you can be there. “May it be pursuing their passions as a foodie, an explorer, a collector, an action seeker, a socializer, or a culture shaper, the destination will feed their spirit to pursue their aspirations. And they are not alone because in Singapore, they will find many more like-minded people to share their passions. Singapore is a place where passions are made possible,”  Mr. Koh added.

It is timely that the new brand is launched this year when Indonesia and Singapore celebrate 50 years of bilateral relations. The close tie between the two countries is transcended to the personal level where there are many examples of people from Indonesia who have in their pursuit for their passion, a story to tell that has a link to Singapore, from chef and restaurant owner to pop-art artist, singer, dancer and bar owners to name a few.

“Two young Indonesian mural artists, Bunga Fatia and Karina Deagusta, have recently collaborated with a famous professional Singaporean street artist, Ceno2 to create a new mural painting in Kampong Glam which have an infusion of Indonesian elements in the artwork. Indonesians will be able to relate to the artwork and find it an interesting photo opportunity in Kampong Glam,” said Raymond Lim, area director, Indonesia, Singapore
Tourism Board.

Indonesia remains the number one source market with 2.894 million Indonesian visitors in 2016 which saw a growth of 6% over 2015. In the first six months of 2017, Indonesian visitors grew by 4 percent over the same period in 2016. STB Indonesia will continue to undertake
aggressive promotional activities and roll out a marketing plan with focus on the 4 top source cities (Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan and Bandung) that leverages the new Passion Made Possible brand.