Silver Bird Vellfire: The New Meaning of Transportation

Enjoying movie while relaxing on executive power seat in a spacious cabin might sound rather hyperbolic for a cab. But the newest premium fleet from the city’s leading taxi company has, since last month, hit the road catering such luxurious service to customers seeking more than just a means of transportation.

Launched on November 1 this year, Silver Bird Vellfire is designed to accommodate business people and family who are in need of more spacious room with top-notch facilities.

Noni S.A. Purnomo, Blue Bird Group’s vice president for business development said the presence of Vellfire in the Silver Bird division was the answer to customers seeking a variety of premium passenger transportation services.

Silver Bird Vellfire in fact adds to the already successful service of Silver Bird Mercedes Bens C and E class; all of which are designed to meet the market’s need for more exclusive taxis.

Blue Bird Group has been aware of the ample demand of people thirsting for premium service since Silver Bird fleet started its operation back in 1993. Looking at the increasing demand in the luxurious passenger transportation industry, Silver Bird Mercedes Bens C class fleet was launched in 2007, followed by the E class fleet in June this year.

The presence of Vellfire truly witnesses on how Blue Bird Group has taken further step to serve and to give more choices to the group’s customers.

More spacious room is the obvious difference found in Vellfire compared to the Mercedes Bens fleet. Nevertheless, the exclusive van has more to offer in terms of privacy with comfort and safety.

Noni added that the presence of Silver Bird Vellfire was a commitment from Blue Bird Group in delivering safe, comfortable, easy and more personalized transportation service.

“Just like the Mercedes Bens C and E class, Vellfire can be delivered at your convenience through reservation or order by phone,” Noni said. “The fleet is also equipped with EDC payment system that facilitates payment using credit cards and BCA debit or Flazz. Of course cash and vouchers from Blue Bird Group are accepted when using the service.”

To ensure a convenient ride, the Vellfire fleet is equipped with luxurious features such as LCD monitor, DVD player, audio system with remote control and other entertainment facilities. In addition, Vellfire is outfitted with executive power seats on its second row to accommodate a roomy footrest.

While the soundproof interior is designed to bring comfort in a laid-back ambience, the van’s sun roof allows passengers to enjoy wider sightseeing. This is not to mention the electric sliding doors that will conveniently allow passengers to get in and get off without any hassles.

From the outside, the van’s front grill and the vivid logo of Vellfire give an epitome of bravery, with the van’s fancy black that represents the elegant color of Silver Bird.

“With GPS (Global Positioning System) installed and coupled with all the facilities inside, you are taken to your desired destination in a first class service,” Teguh Wijayanto, Blue Bird Group’s head of public relations, asserted.

Indeed, Silver Bird Vellfire is more than just an exclusive cab. Not only does its spacious room give passengers to move more freely, but it also facilitates more privacy. In some cases, the spacious room gives a romantic nuance.

Notwithstanding its cutting-edge features and robustness, Vellfire’s availability in the market is limited. Unlike its sibling, Alphard, Vellfire is rarely seen in Jakarta. This can be translated as an indication that Blue Bird Group is climbing higher with Vellfire. “Many people wouldn’t think that we would use Vellfire as a taxi,” Teguh said. “The presence of Vellfire is truly giving us the new meaning of transportation.”

In view of a premium service like that of Vellfire, Blue Bird Group always includes well-trained drivers who are friendly, polite and speak good English.

“Without exception, all the Silver Bird’s drivers must be able to communicate in English well before we let them operate the cab. For that reason, Blue Bird Group organizes regular English training at the company’s head office,” said Rukma Edi, a Vellfire’s driver who is also special mentor for the Silver Bird’s drivers.

Rukma, who has worked for Blue Bird Group for 12 years, remarks that a premium cab service is unlikely to be delivered without the presence of well-trained drivers. “All the drivers must attend a briefing twice a week in order to maintain their service quality. The briefing includes finding solutions of problems being faced, increasing quality of service, handling complaint, hospitality tips, and so on.”

Aimed at accommodating the needs of superior transportation such as airport transfers, chauffeuring for VIPs and families, Silver Bird Vellfire fleet is conveniently stationed in strategic locations such as five-star hotels, premium shopping centers and Soekarno-Hatta International airport.

“Currently, we only have seven vans on the road, but we are targeting to increase the number to twenty by the end of this year. And more Vellfires are hitting the road in the coming years,” Teguh averred.

This advertorial was published in The Jakarta Globe on December 2, 2009.

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