Roberto Cavalli: Sensuality Seasons

Roberto Cavalli presents his sensuality debut in his fall-winter collections this year. Inspired by the sensually adulterated beauty of young Liz Taylor, the feminine intense force of Natalie Wood in West Side Story and Splendour in The Grass, the exotic influence of Latin romance, Cavalli’s gratification in his new winter fashionista is unquestionably a breakthrough for those ladies who adore sensuality as a hidden sexiness.

Roberto-Cavalli-Sensuality-Seasons“I believe that overt sexiness is finished. There’s more harmony and conviction in seduction that does not completely reveal. Natural and delicate femininity is the strongest of all,” Cavalli says.

Inspiration also comes from Slim Aaron’s photographs depicting unique record of a lifetime goes by, brings out the carefree and sophisticated optimism.

Cavalli delivers the sensuality through his cotton organdy shirts with floral embroidery, voluminous full corolla skirts in gazar or organza with tulle jupon, suits with a masculine cut in wool felt or coats in cashmere printed and worked in patchwork.

His long T-shirt dresses for evening reveal the romantic, innocent but seductive pieces of art. All in wonderful colours of white, graphic black and white, nuances of watery pink, apricot, green and light blue, also dense black with explosions of vibrant colours.

For men, Cavalli’s fall-winter collection this year emphasizes on tactility. Slightly longer jackets, elegant suits sport roomy trousers, short and nipped padded jackets made of lizard and snake, right-above-the knee coats; all are made of luxurious fabrics with dark, elegant colours of black, brownish blue, vivid blue, burgundy and cream that will surely satisfy anyone wearing them.

Cavalli displays wool suiting of either plain, pinstriped, with animal jacquards or covered in velvet optical microprints. Also he exposes silk combined light cashmere yarns and satin or shiny cotton that are either plain or covered in microprint for a texture effect for the shorts.

As for the youth, Just Cavalli delivers a balancing act between innovation and admiration for the past with choices of the vest interpreted in cropped, extra long with fox or Mongolian fur details.

Roberto-Cavalli-Sensuality-Seasons2-198x300Simple cardigans, fine-gauge t-shirts, tight dresses in lurex with macro-stripes and the blends of wool cashmere are the knitwear variations of the collection. Bright colour accents of peach, tangerine, emerald green and the variations of plaid; from traditional black, gray and red to a contemporary orange with gold combination making the collection even more eye catching.

“I tried to convey the young people’s thoughts and desires in a contemporary style. Their musical taste becomes an inspiration for their fashion and lifestyle choices. I share with young people this desire for individuality by borrowing from the past. This was my aspiration for this collection,” Cavalli adds.

The collection also covers micro dresses in double organza and wool tweeds, long fluid dresses in georgette and extra-light silk, mini skirts in phyton, camel colour felt wool and denim. The men’s and women’s jackets and overcoats are formed in lifted shoulder detail. Micro-tops with extra wide bottoms, either as skirt pant or palazzo pants, are presented as ensemble pairings.


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