RI and S’pore celebrate golden years of diplomatic relationship in a contemporary arts exhibition.

This particular month, Jakarta is being the seat of an arts exhibition showcasing the creations of contemporary artists from Singapore and Indonesia. The exhibition is a one-month event held from 12 September until 12 October 2017 at the Lobby Gallery of World Trade Center (WTC) 2. The exhibition is jointly organized by Singapore Tourism Board (STB), and PT Jakarta Land and ISA Art Advisory, and is held to commemorate 50 years of diplomatic relations between Singapore and Indonesia. The exhibition aims at providing visual representation of the relationship enjoyed by the two nations through contemporary arts.

Collaboration piece between Chua Ek Kay and Putu Sutawijaya, 2006,
Mixed media on canvas
200 x 140 cm

Officially opened by the Guest of Honour, Mr. Anil Kumar, Ambassador of the Republic of Singapore to Indonesia, the exhibition features the creations of prominent and promising from both countries, including Chua Ek Kay, Kumari Nahappan and Robert Zhao from Singapore, and Putu Sutawijaya, Kinez Riza, Irfan Hendrian, Naufal Abshar and Kendra Ahimsa from Indonesia. “We’re glad we can present Singapore and Indonesia contemporary arts to the public through our collaboration with PT Jakarta Land, and benefitting from the curatorial expertise of the ISA Art Advisory. Top of the bill in the exhibition is a collaborative piece work by Chua Ek Kay and Putu Sutawijaya Kumar. Their collaborative piece of art reflects a confluence of artistic ideas, while retaining the individual styles of each artist. The artwork also reflects the warm relationship and close links both countries have in the realm of arts and cultures,” said Raymond Lim, Area Director, Indonesia, Singapore Tourism Board.

Self Portrait – Through The Looking Glass, 2017,
120 x 175 cm, Acrylic, oil pastel and oil bar on canvas

The art exhibition closely corresponds with the global launch of Singapore Tourism Board’s Passion Made Possible destination brand on August 24, 2017 and in Indonesia on September 6, 2017. With the new brand, Singapore introduces to the world the country’s spirit and attitude, and exposes to the world Singapore as much more than a tourist destination. Whilst still strongly promoting its world class attractions, lifestyles, events and entertainment, Singapore with this new brand aims at introducing much deeper levels of emotional affinity with the country’s visitors positioning Singapore as a place where the pursuit of passion and excellence by both Singaporeans and visitors can be fully realized.

“An up-and- coming Indonesian pop art artist, Naufal Abshar also participates in the exhibition. Naufal Abshar has had his artworks exhibited at Art Stage Singapore in January 2017 and at the Art Stage Jakarta in August. Naufal Abshar was a student of Singapore’s LASALLE College of the Arts, and his success as an artist and his passion in pop art are closely linked to the city state. For example, his humorous interpretation of the Merlion gives us insight into his personality as well as personal connection with Singapore,” added Raymond Lim.

The Sun is My Enemy, 2017, 90 x 90 xm, Digital Illustration

Understanding the important role arts play in the society, three years ago PT Jakarta Land launched the Art at WTC program, designed to foster creativity and productivity of everyone exposed to the program. And, working with the art consultant firm, ISA Art Advisory, PT Jakarta Land has designed a diverse art programs for the public. The art programs find their home in the WTC complex and

have exposed many Jakarta public to international arts collections. One key event which brings Indonesian and international arts to public spaces is the Lobby Exhibition held three times a year at the WTC 2 Building. Following the success of A.D. Pirous: Spiritual Calligraphy held in March 2016, and Permata Bank Photojournalist Grant in May 2016, Lost and Found: Place, Space and Belonging in August 2016, the first Lobby Exhibition of 2017 is Rising 50: The Contemporary Art of Singapore and Indonesia.

“Indonesia is a treasure trove of talents. The country has vibrant arts and cultural landscape that easily connects with Singapore and Singaporeans. Many arts from Indonesian mastera have made their way into National Gallery Singapore which houses one of the largest collection of Southeast Asian arts. We look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with PT Jakarta Land to showcase artwork from Singapore to the Indonesian audience at this wonderful facility,” added Raymond.