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An international gold trading outfit is setting the pace in Indonesia’s capital to redefine the true measure of gold.   

Gold is a ‘safe haven’ for investors especially in highly uncertain times to protect wealth and as a store of value. Indeed, gold is a very powerful tool to hedge against inflation, especially so in emerging markets and because gold tends to appreciate in value when a currency, especially the US dollar, is weak.

The price of gold has always been used as benchmark against the US dollar and this precious yellow metal has always been considered as one of the top five currencies.

The value of gold has increased by 120 percent over the last three years. The price of gold rose by 394 percent between December 2000 and October 2010. It reached a new high 22 times during 2010.  Correspondingly, interests in gold as an investment product among investors worldwide continue to increase. And Indonesia is no exception.

UnknownRecognizing the great potential Indonesia has to offer, the Singapore- based Straits Financial Group, the brokering division of CWT Group, Southeast Asia’s largest publicly-listed logistics company, together with its local partner PT Panwin Bullion, is setting up a gold trading outfit in Jakarta.

“We have just gotten our gold trader license and are setting up our first flagship store at Equity Tower. We are all set to commence business in April!” Roseline Ho, President Director of Straits Bullion, says. “At Straits Bullion, we appreciate and understand the value of gold.  So it makes good sense to build our business revolved around that same value.  Gold as an investment is today’s buzzword. We are set to change the way investible gold can be accessed directly in Indonesia.”

In addition to selling physical gold bar, Straits Bullion offers three other interesting products including Gold Holding, a channel for investors to save in gold, Gold Certificate and Gold Plus, designed to facilitate investment in gold by installments.

Expounding a little more on the products, Roseline explains, “Just like a regular savings account, our Gold Holding is a product that basically allows you to save in gold recorded in a statement.

Investment in gold by installments is another Straits Bullion’s interesting product which allows you to own gold by paying in two installments over a 90-day tenure. Customers may choose to redeem in physical gold or otherwise cash out any profits,” she adds.

Targeting High-Net-Worth-Individuals, Roseline mentions its business differentiation. “It’s where Straits Bullion should be in the market. We are very segment focused because we value gold as a luxury and lucrative product. For that reason, we put our service excellence at the forefront to equate with the same value of products offered and be a destination store for this segment of investors interested in gold investing,” she concludes.

By Aulia R. Sungkar. Published in HighEnd, April 2012. 

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