Fresh milk healthier, more natural

Milk helps children grow. Particularly for children at an early age, milk can help their muscles, bones and brain grow substantially since it contains necessary calcium, vitamins and proteins needed. 

ptgreecn$813163323In meeting the world toughest standards, Greenfields milk delivers its naturally fresh milk from their own dairy farm. The milk is transported directly from milking parlor to storage tank through pipes, untouched by human hands.

Greenfields has been set up by Australian farmers who cooperated with an Indonesian agricultural company in Malang, East Java. “Starting from ‘the idea’ why don’t we import the cows instead of the finished product, the way we can get even fresher quality of milk. So, in 1999 PT Greenfields Indonesia began construction of its dairy farm located in Gunung Kawi of East Java where the fresh, clean and soft breezes are an ideal environment for our Australian Fresian Holstein cows,” Bruce Warren, PT Greenfields Indonesia’s business development manager said.

minum_susu2The products first launched in 2001 and have been sold in Indonesia supermarkets since 2002. The company also exports the products to Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Taiwan and Maldives.

In order to maintain the product’s excellent quality, “we make sure our cows are healthy and get the right feed, the way they will always deliver the best milk,” Warren explained.

The herd in Gunung Kawi is taken care of by a team of professional caretakers, trained and supervised by professional farmers from Australia and New Zealand. Twice a year veterinarians are flown in from Australia to check all individual cows in the herd.

IMG_9573_thumbThe cows are milked three times a day, in a special milking area. To obtain fresh milk without contamination, the process starts with washing the cows and then milked by the automatic milking system. No human hands touch the milk in any stage of the process, the milk is not exposed to open air. It is above hygienic standards of milking areas in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United States.

Natural is always the best. “The natural fresh milk gets to our consumers in the best preserved way, with all the goodness of nature still in it. All the healthy nutrients are in there. Calcium to grow strong bones and teeth, vitamins to give you protection, proteins to build your body and its delicious and fresh to drink,” Warren affirmed.

Most of the current milk manufacturers cannot deliver real good natural milk since they do not have the herd and the farm. They simply add vitamins and minerals to basic powder in addition to adding some sugar and flavoring agents.

marigold_greenfieldsGreenfields is a naturally nutritious product where it concentrates on the plain milk with variety in fat contents and enriched by Chocomalt, a taste that flavors children who like sweet and chocolate.

Thus, Greenfields milk is not only good for health but also tastes great. And it is suitable not only for children but also adults. The product is available in two types: UHT milk and pasteurized milk, both with full cream, low fat, skim milk and Chocomalt variant; with pack size of 1,000 ml. In addition, the company also produces Greenfields Whipping Cream, which goes to retails and institutions for food processing, bakery, etc.

Fresh milk is a basic food for almost all people around the world, particularly children. Indonesian children are not different from any other children around the world. “Therefore, there is no reason why Indonesian children should not enjoy the goodness of fresh milk instead of drinking powdered and condensed milk,” Warren advised.

This advertorial was published in The Jakarta Post, August 26, 2007.

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