Tips for Writing a Brilliant Press Release

BY ALVEO A press release serves as a written communication on an event that a company or organization believes as important, not only to the media, but also to the industry at large. This is a tricky venture, because the hard fact of the matter is that nobody cares, hence, it is the function of the press release to turn the media on its ears about the news your company is releasing. That said, here are some tips to make your press release worthy of the attention of others, i.e. an … [Read more...]

Montblanc for UNICEF Collection: Passing on the Gift of Writing

Montblanc and UNICEF are marking their 13 successful years of collaboration that have raised over US$10 million to benefit education programmes around the world. “With a further US$1.5 million pledged this year through the launch of new product range, we are continuing our initiative to help unfortunate children be literate,” Matthieu Dupont, President South East Asia Montblanc, tells Registry Indonesia during his short visit to Jakarta. “This year’s initiative is titled ‘Passing on the Gift o … [Read more...]

7 Tips for Creating a Killer Company Profile

By ALVEO For all intent and purposes, a company profile acts as a window through which prospective clients window shop and see what you have to offer. Hence, it needs to be effervescent and interesting so that it can win you more business. There are, then, some steps that can help you build a good company profile. Plan Your Content Never hesitate to list everything you want to include, or, you believe, needs to be included in the company profile. Some of us, from the get-go, already de … [Read more...]

When Design and Content Collide

By ALVEO  Designing an ideal website has always been a rigorous process, one that often leads to a heated debate. A website’s function is to incite the curiosity of the mass whose fingers ever ready on the mouse button to exit the site after mere seconds. Yet, there is this ever threatening ‘blink test’—those three to five seconds that you have to convince someone to stay on your website—that many see as what makes or breaks a website. This then leads to a debate between what should be priori … [Read more...]

Writers vs Journalists – Two Different Breeds

By ALVEO Writing is this mesmeric process, which once you sink your teeth into, will grab hold of you fast, not wanting to let go until you are spent. It’s also an anathema many shy away from: How many high school or college students joyfully get immersed in the process of writing their paper, and not constantly glancing at the bottom of their screen to see if they’ve clocked in enough words to meet the requirement set by their teacher or lecturer? Highly probably not many. Nevertheless, the w … [Read more...]

Edit Tulisan Anda

By: Gandi Faisal Hari ini, semua orang menulis. Yang dibutuhkan adalah sepuluh jari, atau cukup dua ibu jari, pemahaman mengenai tata bahasa (ala kadarnya saja), dan secuil informasi yang menurut mereka pantas diabadikan dan seluruh dunia wajib ketahui. Tapi apakah dengan menulis menjadikan seseorang penulis? Tentu tidak. Menulis adalah seni yang dipelajari dan dipraktikkan. Dibutuhkan waktu yang tidak sebentar untuk mencapai tingkat kemampuan yang dapat membuat kita pantas disebut sebagai … [Read more...]

Copy editing & proofreading – What’s the difference?

  Copy editing and proofreading are the two common types of editing that are often used interchangeably, usually by those people who don’t know the difference. In fact, copy editing and proofreading are separate tasks, each serving its own functions. A copy editor is tasked with checking for as well as correcting grammar mistakes, typos, inconsistencies, redundancies and punctuation issues. If necessary, a copy editor may also do a rewrite to make a write-up read better, e … [Read more...]

Translation, localization and copywriting

What are the differences between translation, localization and copywriting             When attempting to convey your company’s marketing materials to a foreign reader, there are several ways to express your thoughts, but what is the best way – for you?Technically, we all know what translation is, but do you know the difference between translation and localization? And what about copywriting? These terms sound vastly similar, but the pro … [Read more...]

Peluang Menjadi Writerpreneur

Menulis adalah aktivitas yang makin mahal. Diktum tersebut agaknya tak berlebihan. Betapa tidak, kini makin banyak penulis yang mampu mendulang keuntungan dari kreativitas dan inovasinya. Mereka pun mampu menciptakan pasar tersendiri. Bagaimana caranya? Kita bisa belajar dari Aulia Rachmat Sungkar. Ia menyebut dirinya sebagai writerpreneur. Aulia dulu seorang akuntan. Bekerja sebagai akuntan ternyata tak membuat dirinya nyaman. Saya tak kuat duduk berlama-lama dalam satu meja dari pagi sampai … [Read more...]

Press releases: 10 common mistakes

Whether you're organising a festival or shouting about your show, keep these no-nos in mind before emailing arts editors  Press releases are a presentation of facts, written for journalists in the hope it gets published. They are an opportunity for brands, businesses and arts organisations to reach their target audience through the media. They aim to tell the world about your interesting stories, anything from an arts product launch to a new appointment or award. As the press release is … [Read more...]