The temples, art and beaches of Bali

Text: Ruth Ninajanty. Originally published in The Jakarta Post, August 24, 2017 Bali is one of Indonesia’s most popular holiday destinations as there is something for everyone on the island. From fun family rides to romantic honeymoon trips, with endless festivities and one-of-a-kind experiences, they are all spread over different parts of Bali. But first, let’s revisit the beaches. Bali’s shorelines are often categorized by what you want to enjoy. If you’re not a morning person and prefer … [Read more...]

A Day in Toulouse

Discovering France’s pink city on foot. Text & photos: Aulia R. Sungkar (published in The Jakarta Post/JPlus on Feb. 28, 2016). Toulouse gets a fraction of the visitors received by other cities in France such as Bordeaux, Nice or Lyon. However, the metropolis of about a half million souls has many charms, a crackling cultural scene and beautifully ancient buildings that will reward any traveler. The capital of the Midi-Pyrénées region is also known locally as La Ville Rose (The Pink C … [Read more...]

Hotel Pullman Toulouse Centre

By Aulia R. Sungkar (published in the Jakarta Post/JPlus on Feb.28, 2016). Background Operated by Accor and occupying eight stories, this five-star contemporary hotel exudes a minimalist feel and an art-themed ambience. Launched in 1989, the Pullman Toulouse Centre underwent renovation in 2004. What's it like? Entering the lobby, my eyes were directed toward a beautiful array of contemporary paintings and photographs. Many were colorful and abstract. Noteworthy were the works of … [Read more...]

Komodo & Surrounding Islands

Words: Ruth Ninajanty A must-visit destination that offers more than just the excitement of encountering the endangered Komodo dragons. Labuan Bajo is a fishing town located in the west-end of Flores. It also serves as the gate to the amazing Islands in the region, including the world-famous Komodo Island. Despite the relatively underdeveloped access to this destination through land and sea, the Labuan Bajo airport has had an upgrade to accommodate up to 1.5 million tourists a year. A … [Read more...]

London Calling

Text & images: Chris Andre The Capital of the United Kingdom really is as magical and cultural as they all say.  There’s something about London that makes it one of the must-go-to places during one’s lifetime. Be it the culture or the royalty, the draw is inherent, deeply rooted in all of us. And yet, there’s so much about the city that we simply aren’t aware of. Expect the Unexpected It’s always gloomy and grey in London, they say. This is sadly true. But when the sun does shine, t … [Read more...]

Aryaduta Akan Sajikan Makanan Khas Indonesia Karya Chef Marinka

Salah satu nama yang sudah dikenal di bidang lodging dan hospitality, Aryaduta Hotel Group, saat ini sedang mengalami transformasi brand yang besar dan tercakup didalamnya yaitu kolaborasi dengan para artis dan selebrita Indonesia sebagai konsultan dari brand ini. Sebagai bagian dari misi corporate rebranding, group ini akan membuka banyak properti baru yang di buat dengan konsep smart design dengan menggabungkan fasiltas leisure dan konsep-konsep makanan dengan terobosan baru, memulai … [Read more...]

Aryaduta to Feature Indonesian Signature Dishes by Chef Marinka

One of Indonesia’s most recognized names in homegrown lodging and hospitality, the Aryaduta Hotel Group, is currently undergoing a robust brand transformation that includes aligning with celebrated Indonesian artists and celebrities as its brand consultants. As part of its new corporate rebranding mission, the group will open smartly designed properties with integrated leisure facilities and breakthrough food concepts, commence extensive renovations amongst its current properties all w … [Read more...]

Yogyakarta & Beyond

Words: Gandi Faisal The Special District of Yogyakarta is packed with dozens of amazing less traveled tourist spots that promise wholesome holiday for all It’s been said that the soul of Yogyakarta is the soul of Indonesia. Located in the south of Central Java, the Special District of Yogyakarta is the seat of some of the most culturally rich regions in the country, where traditions of leadership under the kings and sultans are still strongly observed. Yogyakarta is a famous tourist d … [Read more...]

City of Thousand Temples

Words & photos: Chris Andre The old-world charms of Kyoto remain picture perfect today, a paradox to Tokyo’s futuristic present Kyoto seems always overshadowed by the capital city, Tokyo. But just several hours away on Japan’s bullet train could really transport you to what practically feels like a different planet. The old city breathes quaint charms that still live in the way how kimono-clad citizens wade through the swarm of daily commuters. In fact, you don’t have to roam far to … [Read more...]

High Five – Bogor

Words: Aulia R. Sungkar Photographs: Hary Suwanto Take a side trip to historic Bogor for a welcome retreat from Jakarta's hustle and bustle South-East Asia’s oldest botanic garden At the heart of the city is the 199-year-old Bogor Botanical Gardens, popularly known among locals as Kebun Raya. This 87ha green lung houses over 15,000 plant species, as well as fountains and a zoology museum. Stroll the grounds at your leisure, hop on a bus tour or take your own car to explore the p … [Read more...]