SAMSUNG EZON Digital Lock: Safety in Your Hand

At first glance, it looks like a mobile phone, but it is another breakthrough that one of the world’s largest electronics corporations has brought to the table. The South Korea’s giant now has come up with a new touch screed based door lock. Just as easy as operating a remote control, SAMSUNG EZON Digital Door Lock is smartly designed to unravel the city’s trend of criminal acts such as those of theft and burglary. Not only is this sophisticated gadget featured with comfy electronic security l … [Read more...]

Computer, the ‘in’ thing at preschool

As the role of technology has become an integrated part in the realm of education, many preschools now use computer programs as educational tools to help children at an early age develop their various skills, from literacy to science. Amazing graphics with colorful pictures and other interesting features displayed on a computer screen indeed attract children's attention. And with a wide choice of interactive software programs specifically designed to cater to children's educational needs, … [Read more...]

Hand-set producers introducing new products

This could be the right time to make a purchase for anyone who plans to replace their hand-set or buy a new one to add to their collection. Major producers, such as Nokia, Samsung and LG, are introducing their latest products with more sophisticated features and a more fashionable appearance. Nokia, for instance, has just unveiled the latest product of its Communicator series: the E90. While its predecessor, the Nokia N9500, is equipped with a VGA camera that is only capable of … [Read more...]

Cell phone makers introducing more new features

As the need for mobile telecommunication devices is becoming stronger nowadays, more innovatively sophisticated features of wireless telecommunication products are being put on the table. An array of mobile telecommunication brands, consequently, are on the market to offer more choices to customers. Having succeeded in the global market, particularly in Asia, Nokia is introducing its two newest hand sets -- the Nokia 2630 and the Nokia 2760. Being stylish in design, each model is … [Read more...]

Bringing in Hyperrealist Performance of Samsung LED

After the success of high-definition LCD TV, the South Korea’s electronics giant is now introducing Samsung LED TV, another breakthrough in television industry. Carrying out a breathtaking performance in home entertainment, Samsung LED TV maximizes energy through Light Emitting Diode in order to give affordable lightning to its Ultra Clear Panel. The LED technology injected by Samsung ensures energy optimization, which is potential to reduce the TV’s used energy by 40 percent compared with … [Read more...]

Electronic City: Providing the Most out of Most

In the wake of globalization era, customers are getting smarter when it comes to buying electronics products. This phenomenon leads to the birth of electronics chain outlets in town which offer their patrons the best products from best selection all at affordable prices. In line with this, the Indonesia’s leading electronics chain Electronic City has succeeded in winning the heart of its customers by providing excellence in product selection and support in a comfortable shopping a … [Read more...]