Semarang, Dulu Sampai Sekarang

Jelajahi Semarang seperti seorang penduduk lokal. Hangout di kafe kekinian dalam bangunan historis, belanja di pasar antik, dan berwisata di wilayah pegunungan dengan pemandangan yang mendebarkan.   Kota Semarang masuk dalam daftar 5 besar untuk kategori “metropolitan” di Indonesia. Kota yang jatuh ke tangan Belanda sejak 1705 ini punya aksen kolonial yang kental, tapi perkembangan modernnya juga tak kalah mencolok. Gedung-gedung  baru dan bangunan pencakar langit kini telah menjunjung tingg … [Read more...]

Rotterdam – Architectural Medley in Europe’s Largest Port

Text: Joshua Paundra People rarely put Rotterdam on the top of their agenda as a place to visit on their journey in the Netherlands. Situated by the river Maas, the third largest city in the Netherlands is also known as the largest port city in Europe. Yet, the city is not always about business. Spend a day or two in Rotterdam and you’ll find out what the city has various things to offer. If you miss city life, the city center offers tempting shops that will bring out the shopaholic s … [Read more...]


Author: Dan Brown Hardcover: 480 pages Publisher: Doubleday Books (October 3, 2017) Language: English Robert Langdon is back. The Harvard Professor of symbology and religious iconology, is once again thrown neck deep into a fast-paced race to solve an array of mysterious complicated puzzles with the future of the world hanging in the balance. This time, the novelist Dan Brown is taking the hero and his beloved Mickey Mouse wristwatch to Bilbao, Spain where he was a guest to an … [Read more...]

7 Tips for Creating a Killer Company Profile

By ALVEO team For all intent and purposes, a company profile acts as a window through which prospective clients window shop and see what you have to offer. Hence, it needs to be effervescent and interesting so that it can win you more business. There are, then, some steps that can help you build a good company profile. Plan Your Content Never hesitate to list everything you want to include, or, you believe, needs to be included in the company profile. Some of us, from the get-go, al … [Read more...]

London Calling

Text & images: Chris Andre The Capital of the United Kingdom really is as magical and cultural as they all say.  There’s something about London that makes it one of the must-go-to places during one’s lifetime. Be it the culture or the royalty, the draw is inherent, deeply rooted in all of us. And yet, there’s so much about the city that we simply aren’t aware of. Expect the Unexpected It’s always gloomy and grey in London, they say. This is sadly true. But when the sun does shine, t … [Read more...]

The Royal Surakarta Heritage Solo MGallery by Sofitel: MEMORABLE MAGNIFICENCE

Words: Aulia R. Sungkar Photos: Bagus Tri Laksono Originally published in Indonesia Design Magazine, Sept-Oct. 2016 issue Solo is known for its rich tradition and heritage, and right in the heart of the city is the Royal Surakarta Heritage Solo- MGallery by Sofitel, a MURI award-winning five-star hotel that features exquisite batik motif in the design and delivers a world-class hospitality in the charm of the Javanese culture. With the attendance of friendly staff dressed in … [Read more...]

Batu, Malang — A picture-perfect playground

Words: Muna Sungkar Photos: Various sources Originally was published on The hilly town of Batu near Malang, East Java now offers so much to see as a weekend gateway for both locals and tourists from across Indonesia and overseas. It only took a two-and-a-half-hour-drive from Surabaya yet I have found a totally different atmosphere. All of those art-deco style buildings and fresh air that touches my skin as a arrived in Malang assure me that I’ve come to the right p … [Read more...]

Built to last

Words: Aulia R. Sungkar Photos: Courtesy of Levi's Originally was published in JPlus on April 19, 2015. Levi’s brand whiz Chip Bergh is bringing the blue jeans pioneer back to its glory with sustainability, innovation and social media approaches. How to take proper care of a pair of denims has been a subject of debate for decades; some say hand washing is the best method while many others throw their jeans in the washing machine. Regardless of the choice of the method, Charles “ … [Read more...]