Engaging millennials in business

Text: Sudibyo Wiradji  Originally published in The Jakarta Post on March 12, 2019  In the world of business, start-ups and established companies must be highly familiar with innovation, one of the crucial components of growth and expansion. With Indonesia’s upcoming demographic bonus, the government has high hopes for its millennial generation, also called the Now Generation or Generation Y when it comes to start-ups. They are recognized for having creative ideas, being critical and … [Read more...]

Mencari Ruang Ketiga Perempuan

Penulis: Bambang Asrini Widjanarko  Artikel ini dipublikasi di Kompas.com edisi 11 Maret 2019 PADA Maret ini, ada pameran cukup menarik untuk ditelaah. Perhelatan ini ingin mengeksplorasi eksistensi Eve, sebagai semacam metafora energi feminitas. Perempuan (Eve), sepanjang peradaban, acapkali keberadaanya dipertentangkan dengan oposisi binernya: laki-laki (Adam). Sementara perempuan, terus-menerus ditantang beban kebimbangan identitas kultural-spiritualnya. Peneguhan-peneguhan yang … [Read more...]

Best in Asia: The PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards

Story by Aulia R. Sungkar; Photos by PropertyGuru Originally published in February-March 2019 edition of Indonesia Design Dubbed the region’s most prestigious mark of excellence for many sectors of the property industry, the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards culminated its 13th year in the regional grand final in Bangkok. Indonesia Design witnessed this historic event where developers from the archipelago were bestowed with the highest recognition. Presented by Kohler, Asia Property Awards k … [Read more...]

Bali’s Secret Heaven

By: Felicia Yulianti  The must-visit natural, insta-worthy and cultural tourist attractions in the suburb of Bali mainland  When someone says Bali, what comes first in mind is probably Kuta Beach or Tanah Lot. Off the mainland  Bali, Nusa Penida offers a sense of heaven on earth owing to its breathtaking landscape of enjoying the beauty without too much crowd, go to Kelingking earlier in the day or later in the afternoon.  BROKEN BEACH  Pasir Uug Beach, or internationally known as Bro … [Read more...]

Hills of Nostalgia

Text: Chris Andre  Images: Flickr.com/Thisisedinburgh  The lasting beauty of Edinburgh stands for history, struggle and genuine warmth of Scotland  When I traveled to the UK for the first time, I didn’t think much about other cities beside London. Edinburgh was still at the back of my mind in early 2017 as the hyped movie “Trainspotting” returned for a sizzling sequel. So, I did book my trip, wishing that the supposedly old, quaint city to be as cool and kitsch as the characters in that … [Read more...]

Media Amnesia

Genre: Non-fiction/ Journalism Author: Laura Basu Publisher: Pluto Press, UK (272-page paperback available from April, 2018) The independent scholar with PhD from Utrecht University and affiliated with the Communications and Media department at Goldsmiths, University of London, and Utrecht University, Laura Basu laid bare the problems that have been plaguing the media. From Donald Trump, to Brexit and the rise of nationalist populism across Europe, the media is seen to have forgotten … [Read more...]

Swarovski: A Legacy to Continue

Story by Aulia R. Sungkar; Photos by Bagus Tri Laksono Originally published in August-September 2018 edition of Indonesia Design It has been more 123 years since Daniel Swarovski invented a crystal-cutting machine with high precision in Tyrol, Austria. Fast forward, Swarovski has not only successfully maintained its family ownership for five generations, but the giant is known as one of the world’s market leaders in cut crystal for jewellery, decorative pieces, lighting and in … [Read more...]

A Versatile and Functional Home

Story by Aulia R. Sungkar; Photos by Bagus Tri Laksono Originally published in June-July 2018 edition of Indonesia Design On one sunny day, Indonesia Design paid a visit to the residence of Ambassador Tan Hung Seng, Singapore Permanent Representative to ASEAN. The two-storey modern Art Deco inspired architecture has the comfort of its own, especially in its usable spaces and many corners where the ambassador and his spouse, Kayo Suzuki Tan, display their collections of artworks from various … [Read more...]