The Lucrative Island

Strategically located in the heart of Asia, Singapore is the meeting point between East and West. With a population of 5 million and strong economy, the 710.3 sqm state island has become a lucrative haven for property investment. HighEnd tracks down Singaporean premium properties whose products have attracted worldwide investors. Developer of Singaporean largest private properties, Far East Organization introduces its latest product with the trademark “Inessence.” Designed to meet the demand f … [Read more...]

A Breakthrough in Premium Living

Nestled in the beautiful spectacular of Manado, the condotel at Novotel Manado Golf Resort and Convention Center in Grand Kawanua International City offers a lucrative investment in a crème de la crème lifestyle. The increasing number of tourists in Manado has led to the creation of a condominium hotel (condotel) in Grand Kawanua International City (GKIC). With the outstanding record of operational performance by Novotel, coupled with the attractive Return on Investment offered, this condotel … [Read more...]

Loemongga Haoemasan: Property Visionary

Very optimistic about the future of Indonesia’s economy, Loemongga Haoemasan is making great strides in her boutique property development. “Indonesia has huge potential in the property market, but developers should adopt strong design concepts to cater for buyers or tenants who thirst for innovative living spaces,” the president director of PT. Asiana Lintas Cipta affirms. Looking at the size of the country and how Indonesia has managed to stay stable in both economy and politics, Loemo … [Read more...]

Gaining a Momentum

The global economic recovery took the alluring island of Bali to host an esteemed international property event. High End tracked down the historical moment that invites the world to gear up for creating a more sustainable real estate industry. The International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) held its annual congress at Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua, Bali from May 24 to 28, 2010. Various issues related to the world’s property industry were brought to the table during the congress that was attended by o … [Read more...]

Lord of Luxury

Property Mogul Lord Alain Levenfiche’s quest on the road to success has accorded him the redefinition of the essence of luxury. With more than two decades of property under his belt, Alain now owns an impressive portfolio of properties across the globe, including the exotic Ko Po Island in Thailand, an exclusive 875-acre polo ranch and upscale apartment in Argentina, as well as his current development of more than 100 vineyards located on 2,043-acre land in Mendoza province, also in A … [Read more...]

FIABCI University: A Breakthrough in Property Education

The International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) has for decades helped its members conduct real estate business successfully through various programs offered by FIABCI University. Established under World FIABCI, the university offers two international educational programs, the FIABCI Professional Designation (FIREC) and the FIABCI Diploma in International Real Estate. In addition, courses in real estate-related subjects have been opened to both property practitioners and … [Read more...]

City Within City

Jakarta is experiencing an unprecedented boom in integrated superblocks where living, shopping, working and entertainment are conjoined into a lifestyle destination. Developers are now going for high-rise centers. Aside from Jakarta’s notorious traffic that condemns commuters to hours in their cars, the demand is due to the fact that people want to live closer to their work and spend more time with their family. In living on today’s fast lane, integrated superblock or mixed-use development … [Read more...]

A Reflection of Style

Interior design Shirley Gouw talks about her involvement with the family business and the happiest dining experience in her life. Elite Graha Cipta has enjoyed much success selling furniture, lighting and accessories since its establishment in 1997. The success, according to Shirley, lies in the company’s always being at the forefront of the latest trends in the world of interior design. “We always try to be different by observing the trend and bringing in new collections to Elite that ref … [Read more...]

Hotel Kempinski Indonesia: A Revival Legacy

A historical landmark emerged when the Indonesia’s first president Sukarno inaugurated the Southeast Asia’s first five-star hotel on August 5, 1962. Now, forty seven years later, the history still remains. The birth of Hotel Indonesia had paved the way for showcasing the world the face of modern Indonesia, particularly the metropolitan city of Jakarta. Designed in the form of the T letter to allow guests to view the panorama of the capital city, Hotel Indonesia had hitherto hosted acc … [Read more...]

Vertical-lifestyle enthusiast

With more than a decade of property development under his belt, Veri Y. Setiady enthuses to Aulia Rachmat about the form that cities will take in the future. “It’s time for city-dwellers to ‘get into’ a vertical lifestyle,” Veri Y. Setiady said while peering down at traffic congestion from his office on the 25th floor of an office block in a prime area of South Jakarta. His view is a reflection of the reality that the fast-growing population in big cities has been a major factor in the pric … [Read more...]