World’s Most Beautiful Buildings

Straight away we’ll say that this isn’t a top 10 list. There are just far too many styles of buildings, each worthy of a top 50: sacred buildings, homes, skyscrapers, theatres… Instead, this is a list showing the variety of architectural beauty across the globe – and pointing you in the direction of some unforgettable photographic opportunities. Some will argue about the omissions – the Sydney Opera House, the Chrysler Building, Fallingwater – but consider this a starting point, a checklist … [Read more...]

Helsinki: The Design Capital

To the Finns, design is much more than just something pretty – after all, Helsinki was the 2012 World Design Capital. It was no surprise when on a recent visit I saw finessed design elements in rudimentary items from the forksI ate with, glasses I drank from, to chic haircuts and personal street style. They seemed to be designed effortlessly with a bit of fun and whimsy thrown in. “What surprised me the most about my visit to Finland is that Finnish design is not just something that … [Read more...]

World’s Best New Hotels

CONDE NAST TRAVELER LISTS WORLD'S BEST NEW HOTELS (CNN) -- It's a tough life, being one of 36 anonymous reporters for Conde Nast Traveler magazine's annual Hot List. Evaluating hundreds of new hotels around the world, testing rooftop pools, drinking signature cocktails and flickering a judgmental eye over superlative properties. World's best coastal resorts, by continent Yet again this year, that indefatigable crew managed to get through the job. The magazine's 17th annual Hot List … [Read more...]

Analysis: The next boomtowns to focus on

Along with the government’s efforts to spread economic growth to all provinces, the property industry has been keeping a weather eye on the increased demand for residential and commercial estates outside Greater Jakarta. Megalopolitan Jakarta has been experiencing tremendous growth in urban development with improved infrastructure and increasing land values that have extended to areas outside the city. The property boom in Greater Jakarta and its vicinity includes the development of p … [Read more...]

A Local Sense

The veteran architect Yori Antar shares his confidence in the high feasibility to mix the elements of Indonesia’s rich cultures in building a polo club. As one of Indonesia’s prominent senior architects, Yori believes in the wisdom of Indonesia’s architecture. “Indonesian [traditional] architectures can stand the test of time, built by the locals using the available materials, but still giving high respect to the nature from which they are taken. If you want to look for a green and sustain … [Read more...]

Santika Hotels Present Indonesia’s Heartfelt Hospitality

Bali and Pontianak are two Indonesian cities which open gates to foreign tourists, conventions and business. Being more than just a holiday spot, the island offers a cultural destination, presenting the local’s unique and exotic tradition. On the other hand, Pontianak is the door to neighboring Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam. Bali, known as the island of a thousand temples, is always crowded with domestic and international tourist. Hotel Santika Siligita – Nusa Dua Bali and Hotel Santika Kuta … [Read more...]

Hendro Gondokusumo: Solid teamwork builds strong human resources in good and bad times

Text & photos: Aulia R. Sungkar. Published in The Jakarta Post, March 9, 2013. Hendro Gondokusumo admits he faced his fair share of setbacks before the company he founded, Intiland Development, emerged as one of the leading property developers in the country. The firm began brightly in the 1970s with construction of housing compound projects Cilandak Garden Housing in South Jakarta and Darmo Satellite Town in Surabaya. These ushered in even more ambitious undertakings, including I … [Read more...]

Santika Hotel: Moving Forward with More Properties in the Country & Abroad

Closing 2012 on a high note, this business unit of Kompas-Gramedia group is opening two properties, Amaris Hotel Singapore and Amaris Hotel Malang. Identified as smart and trendy hotel, Amaris is dedicated to providing easy and comfortable stay for all guests. Santika Indonesia Hotels & Resorts manages four star properties, which are listed as Hotel Santika Premiere and three-star business hotels listed as Hotel Santika. The group also develops brand of unique boutique villa properties … [Read more...]

Property Haven

Singapore remains the favorite haven for wealthy Indonesians seeking to invest in high-end property.    Thomas Tan, director for residential marketing at Raffles Quay Asset Management, says that Indonesia continues to show its stronger demand for the purchase of high-rise residences in Singapore. He adds that around 30 percent of the foreign buyers who have purchased the new 221 units of the 66-storey Marina Bay Suites are Indonesians. About 70 percent of the units have been sold to f … [Read more...]

Lucrative Lounge

Executive lounge is one great facility to meet the needs of the increasing number of business travellers visiting Jakarta. Hopes are pinned on the hotel industry in Indonesia’s capital, especially with Jakarta becoming one of Asia’s destinations of Meetings, Incentives, Convention and Exhibitions (MICE). Jakarta’s growing and competitive MICE market has contributed to the revenue growth in the hotel industry. Correspondingly, many hotels particularly those in the four- and five-star brack … [Read more...]