Rodrigo Yepes Enriquez: ‘RI-Ecuador Relations Vital to Economic Opportunity’

Traditionally a farming country, the Republic of Ecuador has been experiencing the economic growth after the discovery of oil in the 1960s. And despite being a small country, the fifth largest oil producer in South America has many faces to offer to visitors worldwide. Ecuador gained its independence from Spain on August 10, 1809. As the world witnesses the 200th anniversary of the South America’s tiny but oil-rich nation, Ecuador is looking forward to a bilateral cooperation with Indonesia in o … [Read more...]

Glamorous Fashionista

Socialite fashionista Lucyana Kaschull reveals her beauty through her fascinated fashion collection. Sexy, elegant and smart are only few words describing Lucyana Kaschull. But classic is the powerful one in her dictionary. “Classic is an eternal vocabulary where all the nature and beauty are derived,” she says. Still 34 but looks younger, the pretty Lucyana admits being into a classic style. To her, classic is a timeless expression of being beautiful and elegant; the expression she alw … [Read more...]

Rising Star Fashion

With innovative creativity in fashion design, Douglas and Odile Benjamin have not only brought the art deco of 1920s to life, but their home-grown Singaporean Raoul brand is now en route to becoming one of the world-class fashion brand icons. With the kindhearted smile, Douglas and Odile Benjamin express their delight of the success of their fashion label. Dressed in black with Odile wearing classy skirt, the couple looked at matching colours at Pacific Place, Jakarta. Douglas, Chief … [Read more...]

Deborah Iskandar: Every Canvass Has Its Own Worth

Despite current global economic downturn, Deborah Iskandar attests that Indonesian art is now in the international art radar. With an enthusiastic gesture, the newly appointed head of Sotheby’s Indonesia asserts that some collectors do consider art as an alternative investment as the price of some masterpieces tend to rise as time goes. Also a consultant of Sotheby’s Hong Kong, the American Deborah who has lived in Jakarta for 18 years recalls the most recent Sotheby’s auction of Modern and Con … [Read more...]

Passion for the Lambo

Having launched the 2009 models of what would be the most exotic and prestigious sports car, Lamborghini Indonesia chief operating officer Endy Kusumo expresses his optimism that there is enough space for the Lambo market in the country. Born on July 11, 1970 in Medan, North Sumatra, Endy is often mistaken for his age owning to his youthful appearance. But don’t take the façade for granted because this energetic and easygoing man is indeed the architect behind the operation of PT Lamborghini I … [Read more...]

Innovating the Style

Founder and director of Arya Cipta Graha has know-how in the fields of architecture, ranging from classic to contemporary, despite the fact that he has been well-known for his experimental in contemporary architecture. Arya Cipta Graha, which is also known as Atelier Cosmas Gozali, is an architecture company that provides planning and architectural services. Established in 2005, the firm has built an array of designs from house and apartment to office, hotel and resort. This not to mention … [Read more...]

Voice of A Diva

Blessed with outstanding talent, Krisdayanti attests that being persistent in her career path is what has climbed her to the top. By far the Indonesia’s most popular and highest paid female singer, KD, as she is better known, stepped into her singing career path when she was only nine. Able to cope with all the setback she experienced during her first years of career journey, the determined KD recalls her teenage triumph in the early 1990s that witnessed a number of achievements in a m … [Read more...]

Where Drawing Do The Talking

Believing in the power of drawing, the architect and interior designer veteran Thomas Elliott has translated a myriad of ideas into innovative interior design practice. Aulia R. Sungkar writes. Met by Registry at his state-of-the-art office in Kemang, South Jakarta, the CEO of PT PAI smiles benignly, “Just call me Tom.” Recalling his childhood, he says he always wanted to be an architect since he was a kid. Tom’s dream eventually reached fruition. Holding a California architect license, Tom … [Read more...]

Taking Pride in Indonesian Children

Witnessing her nine grandchildren grow up, Mufidah Jusuf Kalla enthuses to Aulia R. Sungkar that the children of Indonesia are in great potential to participate in today’s globalization era. With a humble voice and friendly smile, the wife of the tenth Indonesia’s Vice President Jusuf Kalla welcomes Indonesia Tatler Bambini at her residence in Central Jakarta prime area. While introducing her nine grandchildren, Mufidah says that being around with them is an incomparable source of hap … [Read more...]

Fortune favours the bold

Blessed with the right leadership savvy, mobile telecommunications veteran Hasnul Suhaimi tells Aulia Rachmat he’s confident of taking the company he leads to the next level. With a youthful appearance, people often assume he’s a lot younger than his 51 years. Don’t be fooled by appearances, though, for soft-spoken, easygoing Hasnul Suhaimi is the mastermind behind an aggressive business strategy currently being rolled out by PT Exelcomindo Pratama (XL), the third-largest cellular phone opera … [Read more...]