To Quit or not to Quit

AS THE YEAR COMES TO  A CLOSE, YOU MIGHT BE THINKING OF STARTING A NEW CHAPTER IN YOUR CAREER LIFE. SO, SHOULD YOU QUIT? There are things to consider before you tender your resignation letter and call it quits. These ideas might be worth pondering before make your call. WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? Career life has its own phases and stages. It’s more than just about making money. As a matter of fact, it’s closely linked to our personal needs as human being. As such, you might want to ta … [Read more...]

Why Do We Work?

By Chris Andre Originally published here I once stumbled upon a theory of positive psychology called the flow, which basically tells that when we do the things we love, we feel like “in the zone.” It’s like when a baker loses track of time as he bakes a dozen of cakes, or when a wildlife photographer snapping images among predators, ignoring their own safety. There is that selfish pleasure that, unintentionally, shuts ourselves from the rest, yet it also motivates us to keep doing the thi … [Read more...]

Reading culture vital to advance next generation

Although awareness of education's importance is growing throughout the archipelago, many still ignore the benefits of reading. Reading is not an automatic skill, but something that needs to be learned properly so the desired outcome can be achieved -- being able to read is much easier than developing a love for reading. Therefore, it is important that parents and teachers instill the habit in their respective children and students at home and at school. Implanting a love for reading is … [Read more...]

Tamrin Amal Tomagola: ‘Conflict is needed in our everyday’s life’

Conflict is a natural disagreement resulting from individuals or groups that differ in attitudes, beliefs, values or needs. It can also originate from past rivalries and personality differences. Generally, conflict has a negative connotation, particularly when relating to the unrest condition in conflict areas like Poso. Tamrin Amal Tomagola, a sociologist who have engaged in many social researches, believes that conflict is a part of everyday's life needs. Having a long meeting with The … [Read more...]

Instinct vs. Rule

As I was driving my car, all of a sudden a big red monster cut me off. It was so close it impeded my reflex to step on the break pedal. I thank God I was lucky to escape an accident. On the same day, two motorcycles recklessly cut me off when I was driving in the slower lane. I had little time to figure out how to get out of their way because the one-way street unexpectedly became a two-way road. We are used to facing these unpleasant traffic scenes in our daily lives. However ignorant of … [Read more...]