The Charm of Beauty

Founded by Dr. Deby Susanti Vinski, a world-class anti-aging specialist, the presence of Perfect Beauty has set its objective of improving your health and appearance. Dr. Deby is also the president of Indonesian Institute of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine (IIAAM). She is the first and the only Indonesian specialist who is appointed by World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSAAM) as one of the eight members of the world’s eminent anti-aging advisors. Perfect Beauty is comprised of 3 … [Read more...]

Life as Comedy

Lenong has been an important part of Jakarta's comedy scene for more than 600 years. Enjoying popularity for centuries, particularly in the community of Betawi (Jakarta’s indigenous natives), lenong performances have become rare these days. Chairman and play director of Betawi Comedy Foundation, Syaiful Amri is one of the very few who actively organise lenong. There are two principle types: lenong denes (literally means “high-ranking official lenong”) and lenong preman (literally means “thug … [Read more...]


Having more than 26 years of fashion design under his belt, Biyan Wanaatmadja again shows his talent and skills through his latest collection, which he encapsulates in the theme “Sense.” The renowned fashion designer really understands the taste of modern women in fashion. His women’s wear collection 2009-2010 is the proof of his consistency and the exploration of his sensitivity. Biyan believes the importance of keep innovating when it comes to making his masterpieces. Indeed, innovation i … [Read more...]

IWC: Marking History in Luxury Watches

Since founding in 1868, the International Watch Company (IWC) has built a reputation as a long-established Swiss watchmaking firm with a passion for invention and innovation. The timepieces in the IWC collection bear the three letters of the spirited brand; from the Portofino to the legendary Portuguese collection to the Grande Complication. This is not to mention the presence of shining collection of watches from Schaffhausen, as well as all the specialties of haute horlogerie. Truly, all … [Read more...]

Chinese New Year Food Bringing A Good fortune

Without having the food play a major role, welcoming the year of Ox will not be in complete. The dining occasion during the celebration offers a variety of Chinese dishes where fortune includes in the food and the ingredients that go in them, translating the menu with symbolic meanings of wealthy and healthy. The foretelling indicating a sign of an increasing wealth and improving health in the upcoming year 2560 of Chinese calendar has turned anxiety to hope in the sense that fortune will outdo … [Read more...]

Best of Both Worlds

Born of American and Indonesian parents, Jeffry Keola Iskandar is proud of being an Indonesian while implanting himself a positive value where west and east meet. He speaks to Aulia R. Sungkar. Preferred to be called by his middle name ‘Keola,’ the second child of Daniel and Deborah Iskandar is indeed a laid-back kind of boy yet his friendliness reflects his warm character of an early teen likable figure. Keola has thus far taken advantage of being raised by two parents from different cul … [Read more...]

The Girls of Many Colours

  Tiffany and Carys Mihardja have many to say about their colourful childhood merriment. Aulia R. Sungkar writes. Dressed in red batik, the 6-year-old Tiffany and the 4-year-old Carys are enjoying the swing at the back garden of their home, shaking with laughter. Just like other children their ages, their lives are coloured by the unforgettable moment of childhood such as learning and playing. Nevertheless, the daughters of Suherman and Lisa Mihardja truly deserve more than just a thumbs-up … [Read more...]

Inculcating A Future

For the eight-year-old Ratu M. Sumampow, the word ‘unattainable’ is not in her dictionary. She shares with Aulia R. Sungkar about her perception of learning. While showing her cozy room, Ratu M. Sumampow excitingly pinpoints her collection of dolls. However, there is only one that she likes the most. It’s ‘Meow.’ is a female cat doll and has been with her since Ratu was six months old, she recalls saying that, “I always take ‘Meow’ whenever I go even when going abroad. I want to have a … [Read more...]

The Value of Appreciation

Madeleine Zahra Erlangga tells Aulia R. Sungkar that art education is just as important as other subjects. Sitting relaxed on the dining chair facing the swimming pool at her home, she says, “Just call me Elaine. That’s my nickname.” Very active girl, indeed, Elaine shakes her head in delight. Showing her pink T-shirt with a picture of fairy she ponders, “I want to be a fairy because fairy can fly. I wish I could fly like a butterfly.” The 7-year-old outspoken girl then shows her collect … [Read more...]

Vision of An Avid Reader

Implanted a love of reading since childhood, Hanifa Panigoro tells Aulia R. Sungkar her aspiration to become a comic writer. Hanifa Panigoro looks shy in a flash. But it was just a matter of minutes after having a chat with her, the youngest child of Hilmi and Deti Panigoro is in fact an outgoing girl. Known by her friends by the nickname ‘Ifa,’ the rather tomboy wearing orange Lacoste shirt and Guess jeans enthusiastically shows her collection of books, magazines and comics. “Reading is on … [Read more...]